AUDC: Yvette INVADES Asia’s Rehearsal (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime


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Yvette was bold by going in that rehearsal but I wish Christie would have snatched her in this clip she had no right coming in their rehearsal to intimidate or start a fight or whatever her intension was she deserved a punch

Yvette Had No Right on Doing That or Smiling and Laughing at the Kids and Their Parents Having a Bad Day or Getting Eliminated From the Competition

I've Always Hated Yvette and Coreen on this Show, They're Just Mean, Hurtful, Rude, Sly, and Cunning to Everyone,They're Mean Girls, Once Mean Girls Always Mean Girls

The Moms I Like On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition is Kristie, Kelly, Kris, Erin, Mayelin, Kira, Jesslayn, Tina, Sheryl, and Shari,

these are grown women and this is a dance competition. their actions are ridiculous their daughters are more mature honestly

I’m pretty sure that Yvette woman was trying to instigate a physical confrontation so then Asia would be booted from the competition.

“You gotta hand it to Kristie. When you talk smack about her kid she’s gonna throw down with you, and I’m glad she threw down with Yvette.”

I seriously can not believe how people think it’s funny to bully others, and humiliate them selves on TV, and guess what Yvette no one likes u and everyone is hating one u b/c of ur personality 🙄

Yooo this is way darker then dance mom
I didn't know that AUDC was like this if I know I have watch this longgg time ago 😂

You know The drill

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Remember moms kids mimic their parents, so getting up in faces and screaming and going outside to fight will show your children thats how to act instead to taking the high road and ignoring petty behavior. Of course i know this is staged drama for t.v. but it stresses the kids in real life, just ask all the kids on dance moms

I legit thought of catch me outside girl when kristie said I’m gonna take her outside. Kristie is the original catch me outside girl 😂

Here’s how I think the pyramid should go. Bottom line: Asia, Kendall, Maddie, JoJo. 2nd Line: Maddie, Brooke Paige, Kenzie. And top is a tie with Chloe and Nia 🙂

What are they doing dancing I stand of having the Christmas holiday. They should be having fun at home having family time not just dance every day

Asia has experience in this. Why is she at another women’s daughters dance rehearsal? Lol this poor women’s 6 year old?!?!

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