AUDC: It’s Really Hard to Be Elisabeth (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime


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“ I’m not being cocky but I’m just humble and people are jealous of that”
Sis i think thats called being cocky

yvette needs to shut her dang mouth
edit: and it’s one thing for like 50 year old moms that look like rats are roasting this helpless THIRTEEN YEAR OLD on tv!!!!! they don’t know what she’s going through

“I’m not cocky about it… it’s just some people are jealous and they wish they could be me”

me: 🤔and you said you weren’t cocky😑

I would’ve stuck up for Elisabeth. I mean you making fun of a teenager for her hair it’s looks better than yours either way. It’s a hard day because she should be happy spending time with her mom and dad knowing they in love having a nice happy family moment but on the day she’s sad they do all this. My attitude as a kid would’ve gotten her and my mom in a fight

Elizabeth: I'm not cocky like I know I'm so pretty and everyone wants to be me but I'm humble about it
Me: ummm saying everyone wants to be you is pretty cocky to me

Yo if I’m being completely honest what the moms did was wrong but at the end when she was like people are jealous of me and I’m pretty but I’m not cocky about it she sounded a little bratty is that just me

Excuse me, moms aren’t you suppose to be the grown ups NOT bullies? That just makes me sick, I hope you see this comment and look
Back on yourself

Elisabeth shouldn’t really push 2 adults over but at the same, I really don’t blame her bc the moms were being really mean to her and her mom.

Ivete or whatever her name is doesn't understand that it's hard being a teenager that has so much pressure on her shoulders and does she not understand that she's even talking about a child like this makes me sick honestly

Why are these mothers acting like a 13 year old, who’s hormonal and at the very early stages of trying to deal with it, isn’t going to be really emotional???? I used to cry if I dropped my toast on the ground let alone if my parents were divorcing. So harsh

Yes, that lady was being very rude
Yes, It sucks they’re going through a divorce
But no, I don’t think she should of been making a big deal about the hair and ran off and cried and especially in her interview thing, she sounded so fake and ahh idk I’m being nuts but she can tone it down a bit
Basically everyone is in the wrong

Omg Yvette is an animal! I think that it was a bit rude of elizebeth to say that people want to be me but c’mon! Poor elizebeth was having a rough day and then mean Yvette comes in and makes fun of her hair! Poor elizebeth!!!

I just want to give her a huge hug. It’s pathetic that GROWN women are talking about a CHILD. Obviously she’s hurting. Is she dramatic? YES! She has every right to be she’s thirteen a critical stage, (puberty, peer pressure, hormones, finding out who they are where they fit in, etc) and to top it off her PARENTS are getting DIVORCED. That’s like an identity crisis. Everything you once knew is crumbling. Geez even if you feel that she’s over the top and needs to toughen up, back off and shut up. I bet not any of those women have tried to encourage and uplift this girl. SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️

I was so angry at all those people. They have no idea what she’s going through no matter what age she you can cry

Did anyone notice when Zach and Elisabeth came out the girl with the red flower bow hugged her even though she laughed when the lady said she's such a good actor

I just feel like the other moms are just making her feel bad but like going through a divorce not only it hurts the couple but it hurts the child. Going through a divorce is hard and in my opinion yes it is ok to cry during rough times. I have been through the same thing

bruh when the mums started making fun of the divorce and saying she isnt tough enough and dramatic is disgusting because your child will do the same thing as her and its very childish to make fun of a childs apperance disgusting

I think it’s fine that she cry’s every five minutes like Yvette just cause you have no emotions except anger doesn’t mean you should judge her for it, like your 43 and I’ve seen you cry so be quiet!

I understand that Yvette shouldn’t have said that…but the brattiness of the girl?!! That was horrible like cmon. “EvErYoNe WaNts tO bE Me, AnD TheY caNt BuT I ReALlY doNT NeEd tHis RiGhT NoW!!!”

you know i felt bad for elizabeth but then she goes and says “i know i’m pretty but i’m not cocky i’m humble people just want to be me but sometimes it’s hard to be me and they don’t see that” like girl

“u know it’s one thing for a nine year old to cry, but for a 13 year old to cry blah blah”


The fact that those moms were getting annoyed at the girl for crying. Is so annoying like sometimes you don’t know what people are going through

Yvette was laughing because she had hair extensions? She probably wears them because she’s insecure. She also laughed at her crying because they were getting a divorce.!

Wtf are those moms problems yeah she may be 13 but still why does that matter and literally at one point the kids were joining in like rlly😡

Tbh I think that girl is being soooo dramatic and she needs to stop crying like a BABY saying that people are jealous of her. Ik she is going through a hard time but she needs some therapy or something🤦🏽‍♀️

Elisabeth: I know Im pretty but atleast im not cocky about it.. | HONEY U DONT HAVE TO BE ALL "PEOPLE WANT TO BE MEE…. THEY ARE JUST JEALOUS"|

It's so rude! That mom who talks about a young girl appearance, laugh about a woman getting a divorce and talk trash about them. Ya girl is going through a lot. For a 13 year old to cry every 5 minutes or so, it shows that they're going through something. Staph it

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