Assessing your life insurance needs

Looking after your family means more than putting a roof over their heads
providing healthy food, and keeping them happy. It also includes taking care of the “what ifs?”,
in case something unexpected happens. The right insurance protection can
help cover ongoing living costs like children’s education or
significant debt like a mortgage. It’s reassuring to know that things
will be taken care of, if an unfortunate event occurs. How do you work out the right type
and amount of insurance you need? By asking the right questions. There are a lot of options out there,
which can be confusing. There’s no one size fits all solution, so it’s only by looking at
your own unique situation that you can start to work out
the right level of cover for your family. And there are lots of specialists who can help
you understand what your insurance options are and how to apply for them. They’ll talk to you about what your future goals are, which of those goals have a financial cost to them, how your expenses and lifestyle would be
affected by an unexpected life event, and who would meet
your family’s financial obligations. Which goals would be affected, and how much would be covered by savings? And, if there are two of you, you’ll need to repeat this process for your partner. People often think that only the main
income earner needs to be insured. Once you assess your unique situation, you’ll have a better understanding of the type and amount
of cover that’s best for you and your family. Since your goals will change over time, it’s important to review and update your cover on an ongoing basis. View BNZ life insurance options at or talk to use about insurance types
and how much cover you need on 0800 808 648

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Talk to a reputable insurance agent to know what your options are. We all have different needs and it is a must to have them assessed by a professional before you invest on an insurance plan.

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