Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Earphones Unboxing: Premium by Anker? (German / Engl. Sub)

Welcome to the Bulaland todays video is about the earbuds to be precise the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Earphones the latest premium true wireless earphones by Anker Soundcore is the sound gadget brand of anker i preordered them for around 100 EUR Retail price is around 150 EUR This is the price range for those earphones until now i have only used Anker Powerbanks and cables Also the Eufy robo cleaner Eufy is the smart home brand of Anker As already said this are the new premium earphones of anker I am going to test them next to my new Sennheiser Momentum true wireless earphones Lets start with the unboxing and have fun Welcome back The packaging feels quite premium Lets check out the package information Up to 32 hours of playtime (including the charging case) Wireless charging for the case Testimonial of 10 grammy winning producers … yeah sure More tech details An additional soundcore app is available for ios and android The usual bs buzzwords you know For 150 EURs you have to expect premium quality The design of the packaging looks nice Good idea of anker You have arrows everywhere for important features more arrows The earbuds are quite big Additional get started information infos how to pair the earbuds The earbuds have to be turned into the ear for maximum stability Lets have a look if we missed something a USB-C Cable Quickstart guides lots of different tips to change for different ear sizes That s it lets have a closer look This is the charging case It has a slide opening I always like charging cases with a slide Lets charge the earbuds The earbuds are hold by a magnet USB- C Charging port Button to check the battery status LEDs show the battery status Push the button to activate the LEDs The Pamu slide had also a nice slide opening for the case Lets pair the earbuds with my smartphone The soundcore app will be featured on the next video. You can see up to two different blue tooth devices while pairing Music works Bluetooth pairing complete Now both sides are paired Lets switch the view to see how the earbuds fit in the ears a close look of the earbuds again You only have a single button on each side Enter the earbuds and then turn them around The earbuds are tight and comfortable I could not find any touch functions (Only 1 button is available) YOu better check the quick guide and also the sound core app for additional settings I have seen earbuds with better controls 🙂 I am going to test them for the next 2 weeks. Keep in mind that there is no touch functionality just the button on each side. but you can do all basic features like stop start skip and assistant You cannot decrease or increase the volume (have to activate it in the soundcore app first) A bit weird for a premium product in this price range As i said, check the soundcore app 🙂 For the next two weeks i am going to test them together with my Sennheiser Momentum true wireless Just post a comment if you have questions Thanks for your time and have a nice evening


Das Case hat eine "USB-C"-Buchse und kein Micro-USB. Ansonsten bin ich gespannt wie sie gegen die deutlich teureren Sennheiser ankommen. Ich habe mir mein Paar vorbestellt und freue mich drauf!

Mit der App kannst du die Funktion der Tasten ändern sodass auch eine Lautstärkeregelung am Kopfhörer möglich ist.

On behalf of everyone that does not speak your beautiful language, please make an English version of this. 😁🙏 I’ve been looking everywhere for a review of these earbuds.

Got mine today and comparing to Lypertek Tevi.
Winners depending on music:
Classic: Soundcore
Colday: Soundcore
Electronic: Tevi (Soundcore sounds even cheap when listening to it)

In general Soundcore has a more roomly sound but Tevi more bassy.
Hard choice, one will go back, but not decided yet

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