Analyzing the media coverage of Judge Brett Kavanaugh


Seen from Europe, American leftists are unable to have such a civilized discussion. They definitely can't debate and provide documented arguments. All they know is shouting, blocking, harassing, destroying, "resisting" and occupying the streets with posters because they are revolutionary …

Great show. All this media knows is deceiving lying and not broadcasting grand things our president doing for our republic and for US citizens. I understand freedom of speech, but what they doing is slender our president, call him mentally sick, parading porno Stormy and her lawyer. But they don’t even try to broadcast important events what going on in our country. When they disrespect president of USA, they disrespect our country.

The problem is not so much that people will never trust the media again, but rather the numbers of people who will continue to trust the media unquestionably.

I think of CNN as a social club for Democrats. It's like The View for people with an IQ over 90 and a bias they wish to indulge. MSNBC on the other hand is more dangerous. They are interested in exciting the 'animal spirits' of the regressive left. Half of the democratic has been reduced to an outrage army and MSNBC is happy to misinform them to keep them angry. The truly interesting thing is to watch lefties tune into these channels and pretend they are getting news rather than propaganda.

The whole thing about the media is Anti-Trumpism. And what's worse his success as a President is burning them up like cotton-balls.

Too many Americans r under the misconception that the media only tells the truth. If u watch c-span u can see the truth for urself. Or watch Fox news. They show c-span clips to bac up their stories.

We lost trust on the media when the "POLLS" failed. That was the turning point for this country. CNN ABC CBS etc are putting their foot in their mouth!

Check this out…try to get any conservative writer's books at your local library. Minimal or no copies available. No audiobooks available. Then try the same thing with lying leftist propagandist books. Wall to wall coverage, featured, all formats, etc. etc.

I just checked the two county library systems near me — neither have a single copy of Mollie Hemmingway's book. How did this corruption of the library systems come about?

Repeated my search for Joe Concha — zero copies of anything he has written.

Tried looking for more recent pieces of Molly Hemingway. 6 months past is what YouTube gives me. Smh and God bless any company that can best this MSM beast.

The Democrats and the media are in the toilets together. The American Public should flush them down in 2020.

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