An Unplanned Travel Insurance Ad

Ready? Yes, sir! Action! Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Now through one missed call you can get Passport Insurance, Luggage Insurance Personal Accident Insurance so that your travel planning isn’t incomplete Okay, okay. Selected. Really? When’s the shoot? Right now! Silence Roll camera Rolling Shot one take one Action! Wow, sweetheart! I am so happy that we are finally in Italy. But Singapore is written in the script Action! Wow, sweetheart! I am so happy that we have finally come to Singapore. Take okay, Next set up! Shot two, take one Action So I was wondering where should we go after our luggage comes in? First, we’ll go to the beach. Yes! Let’s go to the beach. Where’s the luggage? Guys, where’s the luggage? It’s a red luggage bag Guys luggage! Luggage should be there right? Action Okay, you’ve checked everything, right? Yes, Yes. Here look luggage check, tickets check and The passport is not kept in the bag! Where’s the passport? Action Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Oh no the light has fallen! Is our set insured? I don’t want to make an ad My career is ruined!

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