we do the quick test to see how much it
likes to recline yes I don’t know what to do with my hands what’s up everybody today is a wonderful
day and I’m gonna tell you why if you watch any of our vlogs you’ve probably
noticed that I do a lot of chair shot I’ve never bought a chair today I
finally got my new chair hey cane tracing premium quality gaming
and working chairs this is where I spent a lot of my time now if you notice here
I’ve got some fancy lumbar protection right here so this here this protects my
lower back you know from all the crouching over you know good lumbar
support now here plenty of padding look at all
this padding in this chair oh wait no this is this is a pillow I’ve got some
what is a sound crate I’ve taped it on to the bottom of the chair here so it
doesn’t slide off because otherwise it slides off there’s one spring here two
springs here boring morning one and the foam is just completely broken down
there’s barely any padding left in this thing and as far as the back goes this
is this there’s not even a back on line a lot of the reviews say it took people
anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to put it together so I’m hoping
I get it done in nuts wanting to get to something up the stairs with one hand
let’s see a view chair okay it’s heavy that’s how you know it’s good I don’t nobody to drill if I do I wanna
make sure it’s a close by this is seriously like best day ever very nice packing got this really nice
little foam packing around it what is this oh I thought it was aluminum but
it’s actually it’s diecast metal look at this nice little logo gonna cross yes
look at that that is clean looking oh man all right what is that carbon oh yes
oh that is way better than those bright colors white and red I knew if I got
something too bright I was gonna hate it I like simple colors all my vehicle is
are either black or away ah yes that is nice that is some nice oh
that feels really good oh nice and oh that’s good that’s like
even that’s dense foam Wow super impressed already oh it even smells good
all right here guys I turn on the lights you can see this a little bit better so
this is like a carbon fiber kind of coming it’s pleather
but this here I think this is actually real leather so it feels really good
really nice stitching right there but not I mean it’s got a it’s a little bit
quite a few logos for my taste but but it’s it’s kind of classy it’s
got a little nice little racing thing here a lumbar support hey what’s up
little guys alright so we got here this looks like the hardware box so this is
probably my contains all that caster is yeah you don’t ever touch this knife
right listen daddy’s knife yep this dead-ass Kershaw knife this is my
favorite knife ever my best friend and my best man gave me this knife it’s a
little Kershaw really nice single hand operation you know yeah uncle Paul gave
me this knife no my best friend gave me the knife yep here they go the caster is
pretty sweet little captured look like actual little rims and then look at hot
wheels pretty nice little color detailed instructions circles around there you
got your list of all the parts perfect so maybe we will hold on to this alright
these are little covers for the through the sides I guess this is a little
piston or whatever they call it going up and down looks like the tools are
included and what look at this oh look at that fancy
some white gloves here you go all right I guess I guess we need to put on some
white gloves to put this together show you a white glove presentation let’s do
this as you can see our stylish backrest here with the fantastic lumbar support
and beautiful carbon leather with a sleek design you can make sure that you
can come back and forth as fast as possible now back to the rest of the
stuff I’m not sure with the white gloves are for but I’m pretty sure it’s to
present the whole thing all right here’s the bottom now this is probably the most
important part right this is what you’re actually sitting on it feels pretty
solid already and like a company that takes the time to put their logo like in
the right spot every on their bag I like companies that pay attention to
detail that’s up that’s a winner in my book ah yes this is one thing I like about
this is the retractable customizable look at that see that’s what I really
like because I sit all the time my elbows are you know they’re well I’m
backwards here but yeah they’re turned in Oh Fitz I love the black on black or the
carbon on blacker however you want to say it last but not least you got a
little headrest over here seriously what’s what’s with the gloves that’s pretty nice feels like memory
foam Wow comfy squishy now the trick is to find a
place to throw all this crap online it says takes about 45 minutes to an hour
to put together I’m gonna turn myself and I’m gonna see how long it really
takes so we’re gonna start right about now there’s got to be a faster way all right
back so the time wasted looking for is the right I’ll wrench to fit inside my
screwdriver will not be made up because I could only find one side so back to
get these out by hands design stitching very luxury just like
it was women vehicle first impressions fantastic it kind of
feels like it’s hugging you a little bit yeah kind of like uh you know like a
high-performance car yeah and surprisingly like I was I
thought it wasn’t really gonna use these little pillow pieces that came with I’m
like okay you know it’s not attached to the chair but actually feels really good
oh oh let’s see for time and time comes out to 17 uh 18 minutes got bad 18
minutes build it she used the drill but that was only for what three screws the
rest of the time I had to use the Allen wrenches but not bad you the quick test
to see how much it just likes to recline yes I I don’t know what to do with my
hands wrong wrong hand I’m switching hands
okay good thing I’ve got two gloves you pull
this little lever here much like your hug acidic or Plymouth as you can see
with my beard yes this is very nice angle yeah
yes I think you fell in my my angle Johanna


Pretty sweet chair!! Even comes with Mickey Mouse gloves!!!! Eighteen minutes to build that chair is fast.ย  It would have taken me three times as long I bet maybe longer lol.ย  Would love to get my son a nice gaming chair so I could use it lol.ย  He cant sit still long enough to use it.ย  Really enjoyed your live stream last night.ย  Really cool idea for a giveaway- just that buffering lol.ย  Im your first view and like of the day!!!!!


Sweet chair!! But Wait, is that chair for You or for Joanna? You were shopping for her if I remember correctly? lol

๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ Well, atleast you didnt brake anything this time. Looks like a nice comfy chair. You earned it with all those hours of editing. I use that excuse for everything now to get what i want.

Gaming chair and dropping things with your drone!! My boys are hooked!! Lol I really should have vlogged Andrew last night as you were reaching in that jar to draw the name, he was crossing everything he had hoping it would be us!! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

Woot woot!!! Okay, totes jelly of the chair! Sweet review and video fam! Btw, Joanna, totally digging the toenail polish!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคฃ. You guys are awesome!! Smashed the like button, looking for the Us Out Loud version of this chair. Much love!!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™ – Adam

That's a sweet chair! It beats my chair, I just took the seat out from a Saleen Mustang and drilled the bottom part of an office chair to the bottom of the Saleen chair. That lean back on your chair is friggin sweet!

This chair is awsome very slick all black leather very nice made! thank you for including us on your giveaway game! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Hello. I came over from Clueless Momma d's channel. Cool Chair! New subbie. Hope you'll sub back. Take care.


Who knew unboxing and putting a chair together could be so entertaining?? The gloves are the funniest part! Did you ever find out why it came with gloves???
– Kitty โœˆ๏ธ๐Ÿ’

Awsome review mate!!! Does the lower pillow is able to keep it higher? Is it adjustable? Great work i think im gonna get one for my self. Like and sub +

After 5 months of using it, how hard is the foam? Do you think it got weaker? Do you sink into the chair a little bit? Do you feel comfortable sitting crossing your legs, or other position that is not normal?

Hey. Looking to maybe buy this but wondering where the neckpillow will hit me according to my height. May I ask how tall you are?

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