Acne Coverage Foundation Routine ♡ Full Face, Full Coverage

So unfortunately for me, my transition
into my early twenties did not halt acne forming on my skin. Shockingly this
is the best my skin has lived in over a month. I completely revamped my skincare
routine and if you guys look at these before and during pictures I think you’ll agree when I say that it
has made some major improvements in the condition of my skin. If you just
wanna see an updated skincare routine give this video a big thumbs up so I
know, and I will get right on that. In this video, I wanted to show you guys
an acne coverage foundation routine using only drugstore products. I’m not gonna
lie, this is a really full coverage routine so if you are not into the look of full
coverage foundation this is probably not for you. I don’t even go this far a lot of the
time but if I have an event where I need to make sure that my skin looks as clear as
it possibly can be, this is the routine that I do. So the first thing you’re gonna do is
ignore the red hair dye stains all over my sink. This is just what happens when
you decide to dye your hair red. And the second thing we’re gonna do
is clean off our sponge that we’re going to be using
to apply our foundation today. I using the Real Techniques knock off
Beauty Blender sponge thing to apply my foundation. This sponge, especially when it’s a little
bit damp, I find is the easiest and most effective way to apply your foundation so
it looks like skin and not like foundation. You really can’t beat the price tag either,
I’m pretty sure I picked this up at Ulta for like seven dollars. I’m first going to be using a green
concealer to cover up the redness in my face. Since green is opposite of red on the color wheel, that means these two colors neutralize each other when
they’re overlapping so if ever you want to cover
up a little bit redness I highly suggest either a green
concealer or green primer it really helps neutralize the redness
in your face and I just find it makes such a difference once the green concealer is all applied
where I want it we are going to be doing this incredibly advanced technique
called patting it out with your ring finger this method is incredibly easy and
convenient and it also makes the concealer look the most natural it
possibly could I’m also making sure the edges of the
green concealer all diffused out so the green kinda blends into your skin
a little bit easier but obviously eh… it won’t look natural then I’m going to start with my first
layer of foundation I’m focusing the foundation first
wherever I dotted that green concealer because I want that concealer to be
about as invisible as possible the annoying thing about green concealer is that it’s pretty hard to cover up this green concealer in particular is
very very opaque. After my second layer of
foundation and I can still see the green kind of peeking through I’m gonna go in with a more flesh-toned concealer this one is also by NYX and I’m just to
put this concealer all over the green spots that are peeking through again and once more I’m going to be blending
out that concealer with my ring finger I’m actually not going to diffuse the
edges of this concealer out. Then I’m gonna go in with one last
final layer of my foundation and I’m actually going to apply the
foundation all around the edges of the concealer applying foundation to the outer edges
of the concealer helps blend the concealer out along the edges but it doesn’t add unnecessary product
on top on where we are already placed the concealer once the foundation is all blended out
along the outer edges of the concealer I’m going to delicately press the sponge
on top of where I already placed my concealer just to further ensure that its all
blended out and looks about as natural as it can be so now you can see that the redness is
really really really covered which is fantastic the sucky thing about acne for me is
more the texture than anything else but unfortunately there’s not really much I
can do about that then I’m just gonna do the same thing on
the other side of my face then it’s time for powder my favorite
powder of all time is this translucent HD powder by NYX it applies so flawlessly
and it doesn’t give any extra coverage which is actually
something I like in a powder I’m actually going up I this powder
around my eyes first of all only because they’re really prone to
creasing so I’m gonna pat out any lines that I might have and then I’m just
gonna go over everything with that translucent powder then with the bigger fluffy brush I’m gonna
tap off the excess the powder and I’m gonna lightly pat it on the areas where it gets a little
shiny sometimes and very gently pat it over the areas
where I concealed heavily then with the clean side of the blending
brush that still has a little bit dampness to it I’m gonna lightly pat this all over my face
this just helps ensure that my foundation doesn’t look cakey looks a
little bit more natural and then I’m just going to apply the
rest of my make up for the day and that’s pretty much it I hope this help you guys out if you are
also suffering from acne I know how awful it can be don’t forget to give this
video a big thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe if you haven’t already I
hope you guys enjoyed and stay tuned for more Bye!


Yay for #acne  #coverage haha! I hope you guys find this a teeny bit helpful if you are also suffering from acne! ❤ Watching this video back here on youtube, we're skirting dangerously close to cake-face territory, so I would LOVE to hear any #primer recommendations you guys may have! I still haven't found one that I either A) love, or B) doesn't break me out. Love you guys! xox

Oh yes the joys of acne lol. I've had it for a long long time and my face just now started clearing up after I wiped my face down with these Neutrogena cleansing pads before bed. 

Love it! Great video and your technique is great I used to struggle with my acne alot when I was younger and I'm lucky it has cleared up now that I'm 24. I still have scarring though and this technique would still work for anyone with scars too. Your videos rock!!

You're beautiful! It seems as though once as I entered my twenties, my face went to hell, so I feel your pain. I guess this is payback for not getting that much acne during the throes of pubescence. I was wondering about the NYX concealers, so thank you very much for the video showing them in action ❤ 

I wish I had super clear skin! I'm currently suffering from break outs, but I also have a ton of scarring. This routine will definitely work for scarring too. 

Just a little tip, when you use your "green concealer" dont apply it straight onto your skin with the wand. It will move bacteria across your skin! First place the product onto the back of your  hand and THEN apply it to your skin 🙂 Great video tho! 

Revlon color stay and the cover girl 3 in 1 are great full coverage foundations that I love to use to cover the redness in my skin!

The one thing that truly helped with my acne is birth control. I know its not for everyone, but maybe talk to your doctor about it. 🙂

Drink lemon water every morning and, if u can, during the day as well. Its easy and u will be surprised…. Best, k❤️

hey caty, i bleach my whole head and it is so disgusting orange, i'm afraid to bleach it again, please help me, what shall i do to fix it? love you

Hi Caty! I was just wondering what camera you use for filming your videos? I'm currently using my digital camera for my videos but I'm thinking of investing in a new one and would love to know which one you're using as it is very high quality xxx

Have you tried facial sheet masks? I've used some and they have been really helpful with my acne scars. Asian Beauty Secrets recently did a video on facial masks that is really helpful. I think it's called Skin Care: Facial Masks Guide on youtube.

Your skin reeeeally improved 🙂 You are really cute and funny.
P.s. I have some acne and I also posted a foundation routine, but now when I compare it… mine isn't very informative.

Hi! Just subscribed to your channel! This foundation routine is by far the best I've seen here on YouTube! I have acne also& It's so hard to cover, I especially hate the texture of by skin but this video gave me great tips!! Thanks!

I love your hair color and eye color. I was a red head when I was a little girl but as I got older and hit puberty my hair darkened… but I miss it…

I have that Loreal true match foundation too (and in the same shade haha!) While I like the coverage, it makes my skin look flaky. I've used my hands and a brush with it, so maybe I should try a damp sponge and see if that helps with making my skin look more natural.

Hi! I recommend you to use "Tomatox"! Is a korean cosmetics (facial mask) and it works very well in red or acne spots! 

no! green concealer is a thing?! I would have loved to have known about that this time last year (when my skin looked much like yours…two thumbs up for accutane!).

Thanks for the green concealer tip, I also have one but I never used it bcs of thr color, but now I knoe that I just need to put foundation over it

has anyone ever told you that you look like Naomi Watts ? WOW that is craaaazy hahaha I cant believe how much you look like her , seriously lol ! Great job too btw 🙂

Acne absolutely blows. I've had acne since I was 10…and i still have it. I'm 35! Its toned down a lot since my 20s but its still there. Its insanely frustrating. My flawless diet hasn't really changed it either. Your video was really helpful. You're absolutely gorgeous.

Just a quick tip you shouldn't apply the applicator brush straight to your skin when using your concealer. Your transferring bacteria from your acne straight back into the concealer and causes more acne. After I had stopped doing this my skin has cleared up a lot. Every little thing counts. Great tutorial though thumbs up 😊👍

Hi i like you video i am currently dealing with acne and i am 24 it is so annoying and sad having acne but o well thats life.. I really want to make some videos about acne too but i can i think i look horrible

Which green concealer are you using please? You have awesome coverage! Acne sucks, I'm in my 20s and it still hasn't gone yayy!

Hey Hun, I was struggling with adult acne also. I've been using Retin A crea and literally it's a life saver! It has gotten rid of the bumps and faded a few marks. Have you tired any medication?

This is an encouraging video too. Your positivity is pretty contageous and makes me feel a little less woe-is-me about my skin!

I've just recently had a really bad breakout since I switched some of my makeup products so this really helps alot and I dont know how you do it but other than the bumps, it actually looks like skin. Sigh. And not to mentioned your constantly happy tone throughout the video. Subscribed. ♡

Your so lucky that you only have it on your cheeks 😩 i have it in between my eyebrows and it makes me look like i have a unibrow lmao

this look amazing! i recently did a similar video to show how i cover my acne! hope you will take a look and it will help someone in the same situation as me x

i dont know why but i just dont like using beauty blenders, i like using a foundation stipple brush. i feel like the coverage is just better. but then again, my "beauty blender" is a weird shape and isnt like a real one so thats probably why (^u^;)

Is it weird to only get acne only on one side of your cheek ? One of my checks are covered in acne but I can hide it pretty well I have a great tip for acne if anyone needs help with acne try – sudocrem you can purchase it at boots or local pharmacy 🌈

hi ladies!! anyone here can answer my question? does pressing slightly damp sponge againts the loose powder cant look cakey?

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