A Mime Helps with the Chores – GEICO Insurance

When we were looking for a roommate, he
wanted someone super quiet. Yeah and he wanted someone to help out with chores.
So, we got John Pierre. But one thing could both agree on was getting GEICO to
help with renter’s insurance. Yeah. GEICO did make it easy to switch and save. Oh no there’s a wall there now? That’s too
bad. Visit geico.com and see how easy saving
on renter’s insurance can be


0:23 "Oh no… there's a wall there now… that's too bad" poor guy, that is the voice of someone who has to deal with this mime making walls everyday… day after day… month after month… year after year…. he is so done with walls….. that's all he can say
Lol the look on the mimes face

Nice nod to Robin Williams with this one. For those who aren't aware there is a famous picture of Robin as a mime that looks just like this one.

I remember for this class we worked on miming a bit. Fair enough. But one of the things we were supposed to mime was brushing your teeth. It doesn't sound weird at first, but think about it. If you don't see what I mean go to a mirror and try it.

This excersise, out of all the things we mimed, was the one he had us do every day before class. He had to of known. He had to.

Creepy. You guys used to have great ads. The raccoons were awesome. This ad literally is enticing me to pay a lot more for insurance elsewhere.

The worst insurance company on the market, The Joker represents the fact if you use this insurance the joke's on you.

This must be the most stupid, un-funny ad yet👎🤢—what happened, writers? You were on such a great track—love all previous Geico Insurance commercials—-this one? It stinks. Take it off–take it off!!!!!!

Also would like to say, JoJo haunts me. I was at my dad's house watching TV with him when this came on and I nearly choked on my water laughing and my dad had no idea why I was laughing.

I'm in Love with Jeanne Pierre! He speaks the international language of silence, but with such finesse! I'd love having him as my roommate, any day! Great Video GEICO! : )

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