8 Thottakkal Tamil Full Movie

‘8 Bullets’ No one saw it, right? Better to dispose the boy Where do his parents live? He’s an orphan ‘8 Year Old Boy Stabs
His Employer To Death’ Eat this sweet Why that blank look? Today is my birthday I don’t even know why But I felt like sharing this only with you What happened? I am innocent, sir They conspired and
pinned it on me I understand Try to move on in life Do you know it is tougher to
survive out there than in here? You don’t have to worry
about your food and lodging You are a good student You will make it big in life I’ll guarantee you that I know a few policemen I’ll talk to them and
make you a policeman, okay? – That’s one job I don’t want, sir
– Why…? – I don’t want to be a policeman
– Why, my boy? Aiyo! I don’t want that job, sir He comes and goes
at his own free will – Total waste, sir
– I agree, sir He doesn’t poke his nose
in anyone’s affairs How can you support him, sir? You’ll pick up a quarrel only with
someone who keeps to himself Inspector wants to see you, sir Sir, Nalla Thambi is in Chennai now Is he out on bail? There are 15 cases against him
But half the time he’s out free Deals with mercenaries totally But he seems to have
a big ace up his sleeve, sir Our men will follow him in mufti, sir Give us the weapon permit Das, do you have to
report all this to me? It’s my duty, sir Sathya, sit down How is work atmosphere? Okay, sir
No problem I believe you don’t take a cut
in the bribes in our station? Accept it gracefully What’s the use
if you don’t earn now? – I want to lodge a complaint
– Go and see the writer – Where is the writer?
– What do you want? No…I want to file a complaint Over there – Sir, good morning
– What’s the problem? I want to file a complaint, sir So what’s the problem? A chap used cuss words on me Like what? Only if you tell me
I can take action – Ef…F word, sir
– Huh? He said, ‘Eff you!’ This isn’t such a serious cuss word Sir, foul language is bad
whatever the word is No one has abused me like this, sir – Accept my complaint, sir
– I’ll do so Go to the stationery shop next door Get me 2 reams of paper and 10 pens Go, man Buying paper, huh? Order tea for all of us Don’t worry
I’ll sort it out No need to talk
File a First Information report That’s only for big cases The inspector also has to sign it I’ll talk to the inspector, sir ‘Who spoke about me now?’ I have a typewriter
outside the municipality office I type application forms A chap walked up to me, sir I typed an application form for him too He handed me
a 500 rupee note I asked him if he didn’t
have Rs 20 on him? He was so rude to me It blew up into a brawl He said ‘Eff you’, sir Don’t say that word
in our inspector’s presence Sir, he is the one
who derided me How could you abuse him? Emergency work I was so tense – What emergency?
– Business, sir – What business do you do?
– Jewelry, sir You won’t carry notes
of smaller denominations? If he says he doesn’t have… …will you come here to complain? Apologize to him Sathya, take it Take it, I say Rs 15000 down the drain
because of you Eff you, son of a gun! Bro, don’t worry
That sister is back If you tell her
she’ll telecast it Sister, you interviewed me
the other day, right? When will it be telecast? Very soon I’ll let you know ‘News 8 strongly condemns
the injustice meted to this gentleman’ ‘Inspector Gunasekaran and
his team responsible for this act…’ ‘…should be condemned and severe
action should be taken against them’ ‘Meera Vasudevan
for News 8’ Will you publicize it on TV? Get lost! If I see you again on this road- Poor man, sir Hey! Go…clear out How atrocious! Hey! Don’t crowd around here Clear out right now Are you deaf or what? Clear out Did I hit him? Me…hit? Sir, don’t pretend What’s that word called? Hahn! Confusion! I went there to inquire And you’re accusing me of hitting him Please don’t lie So many people saw you hit him If they saw… …call one of them as witness Send them to me Let’s see who has the guts – Please leave, madam
– What’s your problem, sir? Threatening me?
I’m from the media Think you can
get away scot-free? Hey, I’ve bigger issues to handle Can’t waste time for this Do what you can, get lost! I’ll complain to the commissioner Please calm down and
listen to me, madam Just forget this happened How can I let go, sir? He hit a man
in broad daylight If you hadn’t telecast this,
it wouldn’t have gone out of hand He has broken his typewriter He and his wife depend on it
for their livelihood What did you say your name was? How are you so different
from the rest of the bunch? Different as in? As in being a good person Nothing of that sort Instead of magnifying an issue by arguing
might as well find a quick solution And in the bargain
no one should lose For what? Good you told me about
his broken typewriter Poor man! Sir, you seem to be
a very interesting character Can I interview you? Why me? Don’t refuse For a change let the media report
about the police force positively Don’t stir up new trouble for me Are you on Facebook or Twitter? At least I can share
the online article I’m not on Facebook I don’t possess a Smart phone Most unusual Keep it safe Very soon the museum
will archive it! No one in the station teases you? Which is your hometown? Is this just small talk? Or is this an interview? No…no…I’ll interview you
when you give me an appointment Where did you study? Juvenile reformatory I didn’t get that
What did you say? You heard it right Why…?
What did you do? Murder Inspector wants to see you, sir I believe you got a new
typewriter for that old man You have a heart of gold
like evergreen hero MGR Am I the villain? Or are you proving
what I did was wrong? Showing off, huh? Nothing of that sort, sir Youngster that you are… …you flipped for that girl, huh? Don’t be crass, sir You’re staying away
from our norms here I’ve been watching you All the policemen here
are mad at you Inspector called you, sir He’s having a cushy life here I’m assigning him
to duty outside the station Let him follow Nalla Thambi hereafter You think this is some game? Do you know how
big an offense this is? Your life is gone for a toss! I can’t be of any help I’m an ordinary man Not a saint! Poor boy, sir Sathya…? Come inside Listen, I’m furious
as hell at you I’ll help you for Das’s sake If a gun is lost, I must
inform the control room If I do so, your life is finished I’ll give you an extra day Try to find the gun
and save your life But don’t expect
any support from here Department shouldn’t know Sathya, 2 other passengers have lost
their wallets in that same 29C bus I inquired in S2 police station I believe it’s a pickpocket group Don’t worry
We’ll nab them ‘Chennai pickpocket group
falls under 1 network’ ‘They target only wallets and mobiles’ ‘In less than 24 hours
they sell the mobiles in Andhra’ ‘If we can get the gang leader
we can nab that boy’ Hey! Wait
Who are you? I want to meet Bhaskar – Which Bhaskar?
– Blade Bhaskar! I’ll bash you That’s how it is
in the police records Bro, police at our door step ‘Police, huh?’ Hope you’ve been greasing
their palms regularly? Yes, bro Then why are they here? – How many have come?
– Only 1, bro Your boys …have made a mistake – What…?
– Don’t pretend you don’t know Good for you
if you accept it yourself I know very well
you did it I have no proof
That’s why I’m here alone Sir, I accept Let’s not blow it up I’ll cough up the truth My gang killed Viji I told my boys to plan and
do the job at the right time But they were over enthusiastic Chopped him to pieces
and threw him in the sea I warned them right then Tell me whom to discuss this with,
I’ll close the deal Tell me the amount
you have in mind I didn’t come for that This doesn’t concern me at all He has flicked an item
which doesn’t belong to him I’ve come to retrieve it Now I get it I’ve been advising Vinod
like a broken record Don’t mess with
the politician’s mistress You’ll be in a soup
if the matter leaks But he turned a deaf ear My bond with him as my brother, I had
to add to my sin-list by pimping for him I want to meet one of
your pickpocket boys Teenager Must be 14 or 15 years old I left that field 3 years ago Hey, won’t it be 3 years? Must be, bro Hey! Stop, bro is calling you Bro, he left Coughing up A to Z
not finding out who he is What, I say? They work their butt out
Only 20 bucks in their wallet! Same amount in this too Look at this How did you get this? It was tucked behind
a chap’s back and I flicked it Why did you?
Are you mad? How long do we starve, flicking
wallet, phone and petty cash? Felt like going to
the next level, that’s why Hey, this is a police gun What are you saying? Number is written in paint Haven’t you seen it
in the station? (phone ringing) – Hello…?
– Sir, Meera here Remember I wanted to interview you We met the other day I don’t know if I can ask you this But I have no one else to help me Please tell me, sir My gun is missing A pickpocket stole it Do you know the boy’s name? I don’t know, bro Okay, let’s give it a shot Why did you bring this? They came in search of this I can see you’re hiding something I can help only if you open up Hey! Go away Nothing to worry
I know all the boys I’ll find out who it is
and inform you I don’t have time, sir You’ll get your gun
by tonight, okay? Don’t worry, you’ll get it The man we met was
a big time rowdy His wife passed away He has reformed now He knows everyone
He’ll find it for you, trust me Thanks a ton, Meera Are you from Chennai? No, Nagercoil – Your parents?
– In our hometown They don’t like me
working in the media You’re staying in- I’ve rented a room Did I say something wrong? Of course not Meera…er…I- I want to tell you something else I didn’t murder anyone I was punished
for a crime I didn’t commit Why didn’t you tell me
the other day? That is because- It won’t occur to us to go around
defending ourselves or explaining, right? That’s why I was worried you’re talking to me
because I’m a murderer! So I wanted to clear
any misapprehension In life if one half is down-hill
the other half will be all roses You’ve suffered a lot Hereafter you’ll lead
a happy life, trust me “Now…like the way I feel now; hereafter
won’t my life change for the better?” “Won’t my dream, wishful thinking too
extend as reality, totally true?” “My heart to its rim brimming
Overflows overwhelming” “My soul and senses within, in tune
something sways, no longer immune” “Till eternity
This will do for me” “No more sorrows
In all our tomorrows” “A fragrance in the air so new” “This is enough, this will do” “A big cloud in the blue sky” “A tiny drizzle in my eye” “A wave of love washes over me” “This is enough to last till eternity” “Years of my life ticked fast
without a soul to share my past” “Love-struck and protocols down
My feet have a mind of their own” “For the 1st time I see the sky so bright” “I am walking along with moonlight” “Along with her when I walk
wonít the path extend as I talk?” “Like I feel now, one day
will you give me a forever-replay?” “Will you become daintily
a thin drapery to cover me?” “In solitudeís prison diffident
like a penance, years I spent” “You opened the door shut tight
I woke up in that bright light” “This is enough, this will do” “Till infinity for me and you” Bro, this is Dharmalingam here Tell me, sir I asked all my boys None of my boys flicked your gun Pickpocket! Why did you flick this? I’ll use this and
become a big shot, bro (mocking laughter) How…say it once more? He’ll become a big shot it seems Can I become part of your gang, bro? Include big bro in your gang He even has a gun Any problem he faces… …just ‘bang bang’ He is our next ‘Revolver Rita’! Fat hopes, I swear! That policeman came here
only to enquire about this Bhaskar here Hello, sir The boy’s name is Prabha My men will show you his house He lives close by
but a little interior Kumaran colony Hey, show them the place Thank you very much Why did you squeal, bro? Keep quiet Unnecessarily we’ve got involved! Whom do you think will support you? That chap has been looking
for me in this entire area Then…?
Police is no joke! How can you escape his hawk eye? If you flick the gun,
is it all over and done with? They’ll nab you very easily What to do now? Go and fall at his feet Tell him you took it by mistake Hand it over to him and scoot Then it’s up to you As if you’ll listen to me I will- Sir, I flicked it by mistake Please forgive me Do you know the repercussions? My friends warned me if I get caught
by the police, they will bash me up I didn’t know it would backfire Don’t kill me Return my gun I had this doubt
when he landed here I knew it was something serious I sold it to a thug in Sowcarpet, sir Did Prabha blabber in fear? Whom did you sell it to? I’ll…sh…show you, sir Meera, go home – What…?
– I’ve brought a client Bro, he’s a policeman I am a policeman What will you get by shooting me? Shoot me if you’re man enough My gun is with you
Give it to me I’ll leave immediately I’ll let you off the hook What’s wrong? I sold that gun
only half an hour ago – Whom did you sell it to?
– I didn’t get any details from him I quoted Rs 150000 It is higher than the market rate He paid and left, sir Drink your coffee From yesterday your internship is over But in comparison
with your batch… You’re saying
I don’t work here anymore Is that right? Your work is satisfactory But your ideology Topics you choose
are problematic I think Child labor Beggars at the traffic lights The other day you came up
with an issue about some typewriter And the police
not accepting a complaint We’ve got time only till
the inspector arrives We have no details of the man
who bought the gun, sir Don’t you feel
something is wrong here? What do you mean, sir? As long as that gun was
with the crime network… …I was confident
we could handle this And somehow we could nab them We know it is in the possession
of an ordinary man now… …how do we find him
in such a big city? If a common man gets a gun,
what will he do with it? Don’t anybody move Be calm Come this side Hey! Come over this side Move it…move your ass Come over to this side Stand to one side Don’t press the alarm
to alert the police You won’t be alive to
see them when they come Only my voice should be heard
in this bank for the next 15 minutes Only then you can
all go out alive I want the entire stash We will leave quietly
once we collect it Come here Who is the cashier? Is it you? Dump all the cash in that bag Insurance will cover this money What’s the insurance for your life? Move back…go Kneel…kneel down GO! Hey! Better move aside Don’t give him way Don’t come near me Pay heed to my words I’ll shoot you Don’t hit me
Take your hands off Ammu…! Sathya, come in ‘A heist at gunpoint in a private bank
in Chennai has created a huge stir’ ‘The bank robbers escaped with
a stash of nearly 10 million…’ ‘…have also in the bargain
killed a 5 year old girl’ Why did you kill that kid? Poor thing
What an age to die! I didn’t shoot deliberately It was an accident You were fumbling
with that gun in your hand If we had been careless
we would be corpses now I bought it only last night As if I can kill someone
to check if it is working or not Don’t give lame excuses
Your damn responsibility I think I am the boss here Let’s be very clear about that It is my plan
all the way After intense research
for several months That’s why we could exit
in 10 minutes successfully The police must be looking for us
in every corner of the city Hey! Why are you such a wimp? We have 10 million with us The 3 of us can settle down
comfortably with it Your problems have
been solved, right? We have to deal
with only 1 problem It’s alright if it was
a mere robbery case We will be hounded
for a murder too The case against us
is now very serious The police will be
hunting for us now Why the hell did you shoot?
Now we are guilty of murder Didn’t I tell you
it was an accident? ‘Sir, we are checking
Bangalore highways, over’ ‘We have blocked 2 suspicious cars
enroute to Tirupati, over’ ‘No clear information as yet
of the bank robbers’ vehicle, sir’ ‘Some claim it was
a black Maruti 800’ ‘While few others swear
it was a red Swift, sir, over’ ‘Please, sir
Allow us inside’ ‘We need some details, sir’ ‘Let us go in, sir’ Sathya Yov! Losing the gun was
a huge blunder on your part Now it is linked to
the city’s #1 crime Why the hell do you want a job here?
Why don’t you graze cows instead! How did he get your gun? Wait, sir Guna, tell me the truth How long since the gun went missing? Sir, it is about- Yov! Tell us Yesterday, sir Sathya, from this second
you are suspended ‘The police department conveys its deepest
condolences to the bereaved family’ ‘We assure you we will nab
the culprit very soon’ ‘We request the general public
not to panic at this juncture’ ‘Have you got any other clues, sir?’ ‘You will be informed duly
after the police interrogation’ I asked you to come
only this evening? I’ve got an important
piece of Breaking News’ ‘An unexpected twist
in Chennai’s bank heist’ ‘Brought to our viewers
of News 8 Channel’ ‘Further breakthrough in
the bank robbery, sorry’ ‘In the bank robbery and
murder of the 5 year old’ ‘…it has come to light
the gun belonged to a policeman’ Sub-inspector Sathya didn’t report
to us about losing his gun He hid it As soon as we knew this morning
we have suspended him The Police department will definitely
take severe action on him Stay here for a while Situation outside is dicey Somehow the Press like
a scent-hound will land up Don’t step out of the room ‘I didn’t commit any crime, sir’ ‘Pandian, you are in charge
of investigating this case’ ‘You form a team with
policemen of your choice’ ‘We will inform the Press,
you’ll be heading a task force’ ‘Try to wrap up this case
as soon as possible’ Pandian is in charge of this case He is heading
a private task force What kind of man is he? Absolutely ruthless We should be on our guard Shall we just stay
out of Chennai for a while? That is even more risky We will stand apart Our strength is to hide within
the city somewhere safe Bro, money? Ask him to note it down Bro, add it to what
we owe you already Bro, this doesn’t seem right Yov! Do you have change
for a 1000 rupee note? I have
So what? I don’t have
1000 bucks on me We must not show off
like the neo-rich! He will squeal
and we’ll be caught Then what? We should spend it carefully Let’s maintain low profile Kadhir, I’ll hide
the stash in your room Name? Sathya Where is the 10 million you looted? Who are your 3 partners? Where are they now? No, sir You’ve planned it very well In such a way
you’ll be sympathized Good if you confess
of your own accord Otherwise- The repercussions- Shoot if that’s what you want I’ve been through a lot in life You won’t understand Your name is Sathya Studied in a juvenile school Imprisoned for 8 years
for a crime you didn’t commit You scored 348/500 in 10th grade And 968/1200 in 12th grade You wrote the police entrance exam
recommended by warden Mani Your colleagues don’t like you I’ve dug your horoscope out I know you from A to Z Whatever anyone may say Like a puppet on a string A spineless good hearted fellow who
doesn’t butt into anyone else’s business What’s the use of being
a Good Samaritan? You can sell sacred ash
in front of the temple Fit only for that! Not to be a policeman You took this job because
you had no other option After analyzing your background Realizing you were innocent Cancelling your suspension order Supposing they reinstate you… …tell them ‘No thank you’ and leave Do you feel like
erupting with fury, huh? If you want to prove you’re a good cop
don’t hole yourself in a cheap lodge Investigate This money is my whole life Even if I die, I won’t
get caught by the police You don’t know
anything else, right? No, sir Will you steal again? I won’t, sir Sathya, done
Let’s go – Let’s go
– Hey! I meant the 2 of us Didn’t he just now promise
he won’t steal, sir? A man can easily be
good with his words Pain is an essential antidote for man Only that will reform him Hereafter he won’t steal You’re hurting me
I’ll tell you everything I sold the gun to Sunil I don’t know anything else, sir Let our men keep an eye
in and around this area He is the only witness
who has seen the accused How did the media
get this News about you? I don’t know, sir What is that girl’s name? Sir…? I asked you the reporter’s name! Don’t hold this against me Do you realize what you’ve done? Broken my trust
into a million pieces How could you?! I agree, what I did was wrong My situation was such I trusted you completely But you were so cheap- I can’t be blamed for your thoughts What do you know about me? Do you know my problems?
My family background? In today’s situation
this job is utmost priority I did what I knew
to safeguard my job I thought- You needed my help
the other day I’m good when I helped
and bad when I didn’t… …that’s your problem
I can’t do anything I thought of you as
a very special person in my life You don’t even regret
what you did, huh? You don’t understand I can’t go back home My parents will get me married You don’t know how tough it is
for a girl to survive in Chennai, Sathya I liked you very much I didn’t think
you would let me down There are 3 members in this gang The one holding the gun He is #1 He must have spied and planned
how to loot this bank We can’t sanction this loan Why, sir? This scheme is for repaying
in 10 years, sir How old are you now? 2 months since I completed 57, sir You’ll retire in 10 months How can you repay, sir? It’s tough What do you think
he will be doing now? Spending the money he looted
lavishly in a bar in a 5 star hotel Or in the same hotel, he would
have booked a room for himself- Sir, that Provident Fund amount- I am looking into it It will take some time The reason I am asking is
I need to- Moorthy, come and
meet me next week Why couldn’t he have
done this for his family? My dear grandson Look how I make
this bear dance Coming…coming…close
To bang…banged your nose The bear banged
the little boy’s nose Pa, Arthi had kept
Rs 400 in the kitchen Did you see it, pa? Pa, don’t be offended She has to attend
a wedding this evening Your sister Gayathri called me She wanted to borrow
a saree from your wife I forgot, pa She has left it on our bed
Go and take it You give it, son I’m attending this function
straight from work I’ve taken a few hours permission I forgot to tell you, pa Hari and I are going
to Kolkata this weekend We are away for a whole week Will you manage just for a day
at Prakash’s place? Will you please
tell your brother, dear? You staying 15 days with him and balance
15 days with me was Prakash’s idea It’s tiresome only for you I told him I’ll share the expenses
if you could stay there fully The one who is handling
the money is # 2 How come you got back early today? I had hidden some stuff
I’m wondering where I kept it Is it this packet? Give it to me Sweetheart, you’re such a gem! Tension from morning
because of this Even the boys didn’t know
where it was stashed This fellow Jai has been
missing from morning Without him
I feel amputated, dear Which Jai? That lanky chap He has just joined I can give any item
trusting him 100% – Heíll do a good job!
– Why do you bring this stuff here? The cops are watching my back Does Vinod pay heed to my words? Has a mistress, shameless! Why does he hug you? Dai! Just take me away some place We will leave in 3 days – Be ready
– Where? Wherever Some faraway place
where no one can find us How is it possible? Don’t ask me all that Don’t pack anything
Just come, enough You sound like a hero in a film? In 3 days? We have an event
coming up after 2 days I forgot My birthday I know, idiot – Where shall we go on your birthday?
– Wherever Wherever you wish He didn’t do anything
other than control the crowd I think just an ‘also ran’ case Number 3 (phone ringing) Yes, madam I am not the electrician I had asked bro to
get me a job in Singapore I’ve got the amount
I’ll pay you this week, madam I’m not too sure when It’s ready
I’ll pay you definitely Okay Kadhir, Malaysia or Singapore? Moorthy anna Our task is over Let’s split our shares
as agreed and go our ways Be patient
Listen to me Task force is on the job
Let’s bide our time How long, bro?
Kadhir, say something Bro, I’ve agreed to pay 500000
within this week for my job in Singapore It’s okay if you lose this chance You can get another job But if you get caught- Won’t you listen to me? What’s your urgency? Why should I tell you?
All I want is my share None of your business You have time on your side
You don’t understand I told you to join me only if you agree
to all my terms and not disobey me I took you in because I believed
you will obey my orders That trust- So what?
Didn’t I take that risk? Who will do it?
You won’t give- You think I wouldn’t have found anyone? So many are dissatisfied
in our country If I tell them I have a plan
to loot a bank, people will queue up Money is an evil necessity to all But they are scared
they will be caught by the cops We have no fear That’s the only difference
between them and us, got it? Donít, anna
Jai, leave it Don’t talk like you’re a savior! Why didn’t you share equally? 50 for you, 40 for me
You’re giving him only 10 Kadhir, wasn’t I upfront
with you before bringing you in? You needed 1 million You were happy with that
and you agreed? I needed a car
I took you in Isn’t our deal crystal clear? Are you a kid to
instigate a quarrel? Hey! You’ll rot in hell
listening to this man Hey! Jai, wait I guarantee, you won’t get
1 rupee less in your share We have done a neat job so far Entire police force is waiting
for us to make a mistake Let them get tired of waiting After that you can do
what you want with your share – Sir, I need to talk to you
– Tell me Hey! I need 50,000 right now If Moorthyína finds out- He need not know An expenditure
I can’t postpone Did you note down the serial #
of the stolen cash? We can track it then We didn’t note down any number There’s so much cash flow daily Very tough to maintain
deposits and withdrawals Sir, 1 minute We got 2 bundles of fresh
500 notes on that day from RBI We have serial numbers for those alone – How much?
– Just 50,000 New crisp notes Let me start my life
with a fresh beginning Hello, control room
Note down this information 50,000 was fresh notes in
the robbery at United Bank These are the serial numbers Series 3 RC 528840
to series 3 RC 578839 If you find these series anywhere
inform us immediately Petrol bunks, shops and bars Take a look at this design, sir Want to see some other pattern? – Hello?
– ‘Chennai police department’ Hey! Disturbing me
during business hours Latest model, sir Do you like it? – Shall I make the bill?
– Please do – Card or cash?
– Cash only Make the bill There’s a man here with
counterfeit notes to buy jewelry Come immediately Sir, 10 minutes
Shall I get you juice? (police siren) Let go of him Don’t come near me I’ll slit his neck Don’t come near
Move…give way I told you to move Move…move aside Problem is with your machine
Cash is original – No counterfeit notes?
– No I lost a customer
worth Rs 50,000 I created a problem unnecessarily Sir, you’ve given
a lead to a big case Who will compensate
all the damages, sir? Stop lamenting I’ll get all this repaired
in the Govt account Turn on the CCTV first Good, his face is clear Raghu, circulate his photo
to all police stations immediately Sir, 1 minute I’ve seen this chap – Where…?
– Bhaskar’s gang ‘Hey! Wait
Who are you?’ ‘I’ll bash you’ Hey! What happened? I got into a big mess – What is it?
– Don’t ask me questions The cops are looking for me – But you’ll come with me, right?
– Of course, I will In another 1 hour… …I’ll come with cash
Be ready Wait, what happened? Problem, Maha
I’ll tell you later Why did he come here? What happened? Why is he in such a state of panic? – When did you come?
– Just now I was feeling so sweaty
I went to take a shower Then… …you didn’t hear
anything he said? No, I didn’t So…what did he tell you? What is bothering you? Police…?
I’ll be there right away Isn’t this the necklace
we bought for Raji’s wedding? I told you not to do anything
without my consent? Only Jai did I can’t trust you any longer I’ll keep it under my custody Call him now Ask him if he’s safe or not? ‘The number you are trying
to reach is currently switched off’ He said he would be back Shall I drink tea- – Drink tea
– You land us in a mess and tea?! Drink your damn tea What happened to you? Why are you sweating
and so flustered? Did you get caught
in any problem? Answer me I have too many problems I’m not bothered about that
Did you get into a mess with this cash? I went to the jewelry store I don’t know how The cops landed there You didn’t pay heed
to my warning Bro, Moorthy anna I didn’t kno- Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I warn you
we’ll get caught by the police? What is the current situation? That entire police team
will be looking for me Don’t show you head
for a few days I’ll fix a room
for you to stay I’ll go into hiding I’ve decided to go
to a remote place Give my share
I’ll leave, bro Are you crazy? When you took
just 50,000 bucks… …the police tracked us
with the serial numbers You want 4 million now?! We will both be caught
because of you Do you even understand
what a solid mess we are in? I’m in deeper shit than this Bro, I have to go
I need the money now What can be more of a mess than this? Tell me what it is now I don’t need to share
my personal space You and I have a deal
only with cash Don’t step into
my personal space Moorthy’na I need the money definitely All of us will get caught
in a single day, you fool! Where is Kadhir? He has gone to drink tea You’re so petrified, right? Even if I get caught
I won’t snitch on you But Kadhir is a coward He won’t be able to
bear even 2 blows If at all you get caught
he’ll be the cause Look here All these notes have serial numbers I must change this currency
to lesser denominations Then no one will suspect us We can spend only after that – Do you get it?
– Emergency, bro I have a lot of expenditure Don’t I have expenses? Why am I roaming around like a beggar
after looting this stash? Do you know my problem? I am not bothered – Exchange the notes
– Give me time I don’t have time! I have to exchange all this Fine Give me 1 day, today I’ll give your share Tomorrow at 6:00 a.m My share is 4 million It has to be ready 3.95 million! One of my boys He joined us recently But a gem of a boy So you have all the details about him? Sir, I’m telling you
he’s like my brother We even eat from the same plate Bhaskar, try to understand- Looks like you’re now
a big shot, huh? You are stretching
your hands beyond your limit We are getting older by the day My boys are learning
the trade here and there I’ve let them off the hook Stop that, ‘bossu’! I know you from
your pickpocket days I’ve given up all that now My life is now on a decent track Do you know I’m married, sir? In that style Jai, listen to me Moorthy’na, I can’t think
of any other way What does that mean? Give me the bag The mess I am in
is beyond my control I know what I’m doing is wrong I don’t know what else to do, bro Listen Be happy, bless you How can you take
the whole amount? I swear, sir I have no clue about
that bank robbery I swear on my wife – When will Jai come here?
– I have no idea, sir He should be here
anytime now He came home
a while ago He saw me and left in a rush I thought he came to inform me
about you being here Bro, show him the CCTV footage Wretched fellow! He looks so innocent
and look what he has done! This necklace was in my house, sir I saw Maha holding it just now Who is this Maha? My wife, sir Enough of this eating
from the same plate story If he shows up,
you had better inform me You aren’t hurt, right? Nothing, sir You seem to be hurt badly I would’ve been dead Compared to being
a corpse, this is fine! I inquired about you… …I told you, right? I learnt you send 1/2 your salary
to warden Mani’s family I decided right then You wouldn’t have
committed any crime I heard you got hurt Are you okay now? Go, talk to her alone
I can wait Sorry, dear Don’t think I’m hanging around
without any decency Sathya, go Nothing serious, right? I got so perturbed
when I heard you got hurt Nothing serious You’re under suspension now
Why take all this risk? “If you arenít in my life completely
I have no one else to love me” “Why did you do this to me?
You were my soul friend solely” “I am your reflection really
Donít break into shards literally” “This too will pass
with love as our compass” “I softened my heart for you
I merge into your heart anew” “I smolder as a flame to the core
I break as a wave encore” “I offer myself to you in delight
Our bodies merge to unite” “How will I ever depart?
Come to me, sweetheart” “If the lighthouse beams no light to save” “Whisked in a whirlpool how will I escape?” “If the hand clasping mine kisses goodbye
what will happen to me, left high and dry?” “I live for you every nano-second
I uphold our love unquestioned” “Why cage all this anger and rage?
Why scars on a rampage?” “Beloved, come with me, to be mine
Walk with me till the end of time” “I softened my heart for you” “Blend into me, my beau” “I merge into your heart anew” “Merge with me, true blue” “I smolder as a flame to the core” “Love, come to me, I implore” “I break as a wave on love’s shore” “Entwine with me is my encore” You’ll get your husband’s body tomorrow Stop that whimpering If only my arm wasn’t in this sling
I would’ve ripped your face apart Jai will come in
search of you- Does she deserve any respect? Jai will come in search of you
with the money You will inform us Listen Let lover boy spend 5 or 6 years
in jail and come out After that you both can
have fun as planned Now that your husband is dead,
it’s damn convenient You sob impartially hearing
your husbandís name and his name! If he comes, send word As if he won’t! Hold tight Kadhir…? We don’t have time to cry Hurry up Why did you shoot Jai? If I didn’t shoot, he would have
anyway killed us for the money Didn’t I explain? He bashed me and tried to
escape with the money I had no choice
So I shot him You don’t believe me, right? That’s up to you I don’t intend proving
anything to you ‘Kadhir is a coward’ ‘He won’t be able to
bear even 2 blows’ ‘If at all you get caught
he’ll be the cause’ ‘You’ll rot in hell
listening to this man’ ‘I need to talk to you’ – Kadhir?
– Tell me, bro ‘Now Jai isn’t alive’ ‘I will give you extra money’ ‘Your share is 2.5 million’ ‘But I need a promise from you’ ‘Under no circumstances…’ ‘…will you snitch on me to the cops’ ‘Do you agree, Kadhir?’ ‘Okay…?’ Okay, bro ‘I was so furious
I took the money back’ ‘You can come even tonight
and take your share’ ‘Will you come to
the place I tell you?’ ‘Kadhir, what is your problem?’ ‘Trust me, Kadhir
I won’t harm you’ ‘I won’t shoot you
if that’s what you think’ ‘Believe me’ ‘Listen, Jai has told me
about your family’ ‘I will give you 2.5 million’ ‘Get your Singapore job’ ‘Find a good groom for your sister’ ‘Take care of your parents’ ‘Lead a happy life, Kadhir’ I want to meet Pandian sir
who is investigating the bank robbery What is the matter?
Who are you? I want to turn approver, sir We are already looking
for a culprit in this case Where is Jai now? He is dead How? That’s why I want to surrender Moorthy anna shot him dead Moorthy shot him! So the 3rd miscreant
is Moorthy, hmmm? How did it happen? Who is Moorthy?
Explain clearly I went with Moorthy and Jai
because I needed the money We went only to rob the bank But Moorthy shot a girl there, she died And claimed it was unintentional He is like this
in whatever he does, sir Heartless fellow When Jai was being tailed by the police
both of them fought yesterday Moorthy suddenly shot Jai also, sir Where is Jai’s body now? Will you identify? Yes, sir Hmmm…then? Last night he tried to
kill me too, sir He said he would give my share
if I met him at Royapettah I went there, he was standing
on a deserted road like a mad man I felt something was wrong, sir I escaped in the last minute, sir Did he try to
contact you after that? He called me and said
‘I won’t kill you’ ‘Don’t be scared’
He sounded sarcastic, sir I decided money wasn’t important I wanted to somehow save myself But he knows all my personal details, sir Jai must have briefed him He will kill me Even if I escape, he’ll take
revenge on my family We shouldn’t spare him, sir I was racking my brains
what to do No other choice
but to turn approver, sir Kadhir, you don’t panic I will not spare Moorthy I’ll be there for you We will arrest Moorthy
in another hour for sure Tell us everything
you know about him I donít know anything about him I thought about it
whole of last night He has hidden
all his details from me I’ve been with him
all these days Not shared the smallest detail, sir Is his real name Moorthy? Even that can be a lie, right? I saw his name one day
on his driving license, sir Call him, you have his number Wait, sir Call him now
Talk normally Tell him you’ll meet
and take your share Moorthy’na Kadhir, please listen to me patiently Moorthy’na, I thought
about this last night I’ll take the cash
just as you asked me to Thanks a lot What about the promise
I asked of you? I promise whatever happens
I won’t squeal to the cops That’s enough for me
When will you collect the cash? In another hour will you come
to our usual tea shop, anna? Sir, check if our men
are in position All ready? Over Hello, Moorthy’na I have reached, Kadhir Where are you? I am here
I’ve seen you I can’t see you Take a few steps forward
You’ll be able to see me (gunshot) Same bullets in
all 3 murders, sir Weapon is Sathya’s Pandian, what do you think of yourself? He has shot in such a busy road?
What the hell were you doing? Media is hounding us now How do we tackle them? Why is this boy who was suspended
tagging along with you? Do you think you can call the shots? You disobey all the rules Sir, of course I wonít disobey- Pandian, we have enough
headaches to deal with I shouldn’t see you
with this boy hereafter We have checked the details
of the last call in Kadhirís phone From this number, Moorthy has called
only Jai and Kadhir, no one else When did he get that sim card? 2 months, sir He has planned it cleverly
so we don’t get any clue Knowing we will trace call records
he has got a separate sim to call them Whose name is that sim- Sathya, will you keep quiet? I got pulled up
for taking you in! I don’t want you here, leave You should have used your brains You shouldn’t have let him die This is a breakthrough evidence Such a serious matter You should’ve guarded him, negotiated
with Moorthy and nabbed him? What did you do instead? You are not to blame I should have been more alert Wondering why I’m mad at you
when you saved my life? No, sir Then go What’s troubling you, pa? Today is your mother’s birthday Ask your father to
pay the electricity bill I have an enquiry to attend Today is the last date Tomorrow we have to
shell out a fine of Rs 150 Whose money is wasted? Can your father earn Rs 150?! Hello, Moorthy What is it? Today is the hearing regarding my job
in the Enquiry Commission For you too, huh? I need a signature from you I, Inspector Guna vouch
constable Krishnamoorthy as … …a diligent, responsible and
honest police officer in my team This was an unfortunate
accidental error on that day Then… …regarding the bank robbery Created quite a stir
in the newspapers I know, Moorthy A sub-inspector from our station Real blockhead!
Lost his gun Can they retrieve such a huge amount? No chance at all Can’t they nab the culprits
with the serial numbers? Moorthy anna, you are still
wet behind the ears They didn’t note down
the serial numbers That practice has stopped
in all the banks it seems Do you know what’s most funny? They got new notes
worth Rs 50000 RBI has a record of
the serial numbers One of them has bought
some jewelry with it He got caught I read in the newspaper
about this robbery People think it is an ordinary theft No one knows this matter is linked This is inside information Yesterday’s Kodambakkam murder
is also linked with this The reporters are on their toes The policemen are in a royal mess! Aiyaiyo! I was oblivious of all this If that boy hadn’t been shot dead… …we could have got
all the details, right? – Shall I tell you something else?
– What, sir? – You’ll keep it to yourself?
– Yes, sir There are 3 culprits
2 of them are dead That gang leader has planned
and killed both of them That boy has divulged the name
and then died it seems What name did he say, sir? I don’t know They have kept it under wraps Come Sir, I have an enquiry
to attend today Do you need my signature? Looks like I am your lucky mascot! Whoever works for me
gets suspended! Sathya, you’re also attending
that enquiry, right? Why don’t you both go together? What did you say
your name was? I was immersed
in my own thoughts – Don’t get me wrong
– Doesn’t matter Looks like you are
in some deep trouble – Moorthy!
– Venkatesan I’m coming Is your name Krishnamoorthy? That’s my full name But people generally call me Krishna What is it, sir? Nothing I was reminded of something else Carry on ‘Mr Moorthy
Can you hear us?’ ‘What’s wrong?’ – What happened?
– Sir, nothing to worry Where is my bag? – My shoulder bag?
– Right here Conscious now, Moorthy anna?
You suddenly fainted This gentleman brought you here
Past 2 hours he has been sitting here Thanks a ton, sir – I seem to have troubled you
– Not at all, sir Your work got disrupted
because of me, sorry I am free, sir Would you like
to eat something? No need What happened to you? Is this a frequent occurrence? Did you consult a doctor? Nothing serious I skipped breakfast this morning
Maybe that’s why Shall I drop you at home? Can I take your order, sir? Tea for me – Sir, for you?
– Black tea Without sugar Don’t worry, sir You’ll be reinstated soon Don’t you know
why I lost my job, sir? It was all over the papers, sir A sub inspector lost his gun A 5 year old was
shot with that gun Sir, how can you be blamed for that? Don’t be upset I’m not sure how to take this I was detained in a juvenile center
for 8 years for a crime I didn’t commit You must be aware of
the awful conditions in there Once again I’m being blamed
for something I didn’t do For some random man’s crime… …I don’t have anyone
to comfort me either This is man’s life in a nutshell, sir Half the life is spent
in seeking comfort In this turmoil… …we would’ve picked someone
to spend our lifetime with When that person leaves us
half way through… …we just collapse, sir Don’t get me wrong
if I ask you this How did you lose your job? Tell me only if you feel comfortable It’s okay if you don’t want to You know Guna, right? He has no scruples whatsoever I was working under him
in P5 police station 10 months ago,
suddenly one night… …we got a call that someone was drunk
and creating a ruckus in a wine shop We went to arrest him He suddenly broke a beer bottle
and slashed another customer’s hand We decided to detain him
in the station for a night So we brought him over He babbled a lot Looked like he belonged
to some Naxalite group We should’ve handed him over to the court Guna didn’t listen He wanted to use him as a bait
and catch a bigger fish In some hideout
near Poonamallee… …he confessed he had hidden
a cache of weapons and ammunition Guna, 2 other constables and I
accompanied him to the hideout He tricked us and
escaped from that place Meanwhile the sub inspector
informed the higher-ups Guna got nonstop calls
to bring in the criminal ‘If I tell them we let the culprit escape
it will be a black mark for me’ ‘For my sake please
accept the blame’ ‘I will relieve you from this suspension
as soon as possible’ he said Guna literally fell at our feet
and persuaded us, sir Trusting him I agreed The chap who escaped was
no ordinary petty thief Most sought after criminal
all over the country Blaming us for this debacle,
our superiors took serious action against us Till date I am struggling
to get my job back, sir Was no action taken against Guna? All they did was
transfer him to your station I came to know only later He had struck a deal with the naxal
and deliberately let him escape All my life I’ve been a naive nitwit
who didn’t know to be street-smart All I did was salute
everyone all the time! I have never taken a naya paisa
more than my salary, sir I am disillusioned
with my integrity Even my children don’t respect me ‘One good turn deserves another’
is just an old proverb, sir ‘If you are honest, the world
will praise you sky high’ All a pack of lies If I can get hold of
the 1st man who said this… …I’ll thrash him
with my shoe, sir Sir, your wife and children- Personification of God
That’s my wife, sir She was the only solace in my life She ignored my million shortcomings She took good care of me for 30 years She gave me 2 wonderful children Goddess, sir She never asked me for anything She managed from my meager salary
to run the household I was never worried about anything Till she was by my side I lived like a king
without a single worry She passed away I am being humiliated daily – I got a bit emotional
– Don’t feel bad, sir Today is her birthday, sir What happened to her? How did she die? I’m such a sinner,
responsible for her death too She was a diabetes patient You know sugar will shoot up
as you grow old She had to take
a long list of tablets And take insulin shots also I was unaware of all this I should’ve taken
better care of her My life was spent shuttling between
home and station and probing into cases One day she collapsed They admitted her in the hospital Her health condition
was really bad She wasn’t on any medication for 6 months She was in the ICU Wearing all those face masks I held her hand I asked her why she stopped
taking all the tablets? She couldn’t cope with
the household expenses ‘Children have grown up now’ ‘We had to pay
their college fees’, she said She had never revealed
any of this to me Blessed soul saved up money
by foregoing her tablets I had been ignorant
about everything About her needs About the household requirements About her health condition Everything went out of hand She has left me behind In our country
prices keep rising But not our salary Do you live with
your children now? 15 days in my son’s house And 15 days with my daughter I told my son
today is his mother’s birthday He looked at me for a moment
and walked away quietly Maybe he thinks I was
responsible for her death Don’t think like that, sir I can’t blame my children either They feed me thrice a day But other than that
they hardly communicate When they were youngÖ …I wasnít able to give them
a comfortable life I sent them only to a Govt school My son wanted to
become an engineer But I was able to get him
only a seat in computer science They are very fond of their mother She meant the world to them Most fathers drown in this routine, sir Half the time we run around
immersed in our work We don’t spend time with our family
or shower affection on our children Sir, I took up
too much of your time It’s alright, sir Do you want anything else, sir? No, we are done Shall I make the bill now? – Give it to me
– Let me pay, sir People often tell me
I have a jinxed tongue Whatever I say will come true You just watch You’ll get your gun back
for sure, sir I swear, sir Maximum it may take 2 or 3 days By then your gun
will be in your hand Give me your phone number Number…9841- I got carried away
talking to you, I forgot I have an important errand to run
I’ll take leave now – Tell me where you have to go
– It’s okay, sir – ‘I can drop you’
– No, that’s fine Yov! I know you are here Better step out You settled down for life
because of the gun I sold you But the police came to nab me And now I am roaming around incognito Listen, better come out I won’t harm you
Let’s make a deal Give me a share Our deal will be done
Do you get it? Understood? Damn you!
Answer, son of a gun Hey! Don’t underestimate me I’ll go straight to the police Your entire stash
will be licked clean What a lot of effort
you must have put into this Tottering old man! If I snitch, you’ll spend
the rest of your life behind bars What…?
Is the deal fine? Just 1 payment 2.5 million Only 1 payment I need to talk to you Can you spare some time for me? Will you forgive me? Will you…? I met a man today I think God sent him to me When his wife was alive,
he didn’t realize her value But after she passed away
life means nothing to him I don’t want you also
to leave me “Will you forgive me?
Don’t ask me this, silly” “Forever and a day truly
Don’t go away from me” – Raghu anna
– Sathya, come at once Who called you here? I just felt like seeing you Don’t try all this crap with me Who is this man, sir? There are many cases
of theft piled on him He was in jail for 2 years Suddenly changing his profession
he went away to Bihar He was into some
petty thefts there 6 months ago he crept back
into Tamil Nadu quietly Recently with 2 boys, he has
been planning something huge Sir, I am innocent Please believe me, sir Bring that boy here Who, sir? He works in the tea shop where
Moorthy and his 2 sidekicks usually meet Come here This is the chap you saw
in your tea shop, right? He isn’t the one, sir Take a good look
at him and tell me No, sir You were the one who told me A bald man around 50+ – Yes
– Now you’re denying it If he intimidates him
how will this boy speak up? Don’t know the reason, Sathya Sir has been behaving
strangely from yesterday Listen, don’t get scared If you remember anything,
call sir and tell him Now go with him, okay? I remember this alone very well Whenever he comes
he’ll only drink black tea – Are you sure?
– Yes, sir I write it down in the account
note book, I know for sure They will order 2 tea
and 1 black tea He’s a damn good actor, Sathya I’m sure he is our man I don’t think so, sir I told you already You are very experienced You’re Mr Know-it-all! (phone ringing) Okay You were right He isn’t our man Any clues? Nothing, sir HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE! Such a serious offense No clues it seems Tell me some damn thing He wasn’t armed, sir We checked his mobile too He didn’t make any calls
for 2 hours prior to his demise He was murdered in the toilet So it doesn’t look like
they came to make a deal What else did you find on him? Cell phone Wallet and room key Wear gloves I got my provident fund money What was the total amount you got, pa? 1 million I want to divide it equally
between you and Prakash Why are you also
calling him ‘dad’? Isn’t he dad for me too? Dad or uncle
It’s all the same You treated them equally
and divided it 50-50 Then… I have something else to tell you I had another fixed deposit I had invested long ago When your mother was alive Now it has matured as 200,000 I would like to transfer
that amount in Rakesh’s name What little I can give him
with love from me Something else equally important My old friend Prabhu Prakash, you know him very well too I’ve even taken you to his house In Coimbatore
in the foothills of Velliangiri He runs an Old Age Home I’m thinking of staying there for a while Why, pa? – Aren’t we taking good care of you?
– Nothing of that sort I could be of help to him
Stay peacefully, enjoying nature You’ll have your usual
office tension I’m all alone at home
during the day If he feels happy going there
let him try it out Let me know if you need
money for expenses I don’t need money I’ve got one more fixed deposit Rs 100000
That will do 1 more, huh? Prakash, I think your dad
has a hidden stash at home I never expected you’ll get
this much as pension That officer gave you hell, right? At least that good soul
relented in the end? May he be blessed! Moorthy, why are you here
at this time of the night? I came to get your signature Yov! Are you mad or what? Get out, you asshole! I went through hell
because of you ‘Mysterious murders continue
in Chennai city again’ ‘A criminal who killed a little girl in
a bank robbery a few days ago…’ ‘…continues to go
on a killing spree’ ‘A special police force has taken up
this task of ferreting out the criminals’ ‘What is the motive
behind this serial killing?’ ‘Is it money?
Is he a psychopath?’ ‘Or is it a vendetta
of a personal nature’ ‘Task force is interrogating
leaving no stones unturned’ Anything suspicious? No, Sathya, these are
all regular office files What is that file? This is provident fund clearance – Nothing else
– Let me see It is already cleared Officer signed yesterday The same officer was murdered That problem got settled
to a certain extent Now a new officer
has to be appointed He has to get into the groove This will drag on
for at least 2 months Is Mr Krishna in? My father is called Moorthy by everyone That’s why Arthi didn’t understand I’m making coffee Tell me, sir Your father’s PF check
has been cleared I came to hand it over to him Sir, I think this is some mistake My father’s Provident Fund
was cleared yesterday 1 million! Rakesh, shut up It can’t be that much, sir Why not?
Quite possible He walked more than zillion miles
to get this million! Poor man! Sir, I think you’ve got
2 names mixed up This check must be
to some other Moorthy Quite possible You don’t get flustered I’m not here to make trouble I know Mr Krishna,
Mr Moorthy very well I came to help him If you don’t mind,
can you show me the PF check? If I see it, I can
clarify the name confusion He didn’t get a check He brought home only cash – Cash?
– Yes 1 million? Yes, sir He gave me 200000 ‘Sir, his name is Moorthy’ ‘Krishna’ ‘My father is called Moorthy by everyone’ ‘You were the one who said
50 year old bald man’ ‘He always drinks only black tea’ ‘Black tea
No sugar’ ‘I have an important job
to attend, I’ll take leave’ ‘He walked more than zillion miles
to get this million!’ ‘When they were young, I wasn’t able
to give them a comfortable life’ ‘He didn’t get a check’ ‘He brought home only cash’ ‘He gave me 200000’ Where has Mr Moorthy gone? ‘Did you consult a doctor?’ ‘This policy doesn’t cover
treatment for cancer’ Sir, I have paid 1 million I was told this is
health insurance ‘Doesn’t hold good
for this policy’ ‘We are unable to process
a personal loan for you’ Today is Saturday
You could have come earlier? Come, let’s get it done What is this, sir? Unaccounted too
How much? Take it
Rs 500000 No need to panic If you are quiet
for 5 minutes… …my job will be done How much do you have? 500000 Transfer into this This is all I need I don’t want your money Take all that and
be happy with your family Give me a standing ovation! You didn’t even know
your father is a cancer patient Sir, Moorthy is nearing his residence We don’t have time
for sentiments, Moorthy Surrender now Pandian, listen to me How many poor souls
you would’ve shot, huh? It’s my turn now Grandpaaa! (gunshot) (gunshot) Mr Sathya, what happened in the end? Moorthy? Put your gun down Or else- I’ll blow his brain to bits Pandian, don’t This problem is only
between you and me Don’t play with
my grandson’s life I didn’t mean
to kill the boy It was only a threat But I pressed
the trigger accidentally I didn’t inten- ‘Pandian has been shot dead
at the crime spot’ ‘You shot Moorthy
in self-defense, right?’ ‘Your gun was also
with Moorthy, right?’ ‘Moorthy used 7 bullets
For different murders’ ‘You shot him with the 8th bullet’ ‘Charges should be negated and
you should be reinstated in your job’ ‘This is the recommendation
by the committee to the Govt’ You got your job back You can smile a little bit What are you thinking? Nothing About that Moorthy? Listen, Sathya Don’t feel bad for him Think of him as a nightmare
and erase him from your mind You don’t have the heart
to hit me, huh? Why does it have to end this way? Get up Will you do me a favor? The fact I was suffering from cancer Do you know why
I hid it from my children? One day I heard them talking ‘If only our mother was alive…’ ‘…she would have cooked
yummy food for us’ ‘She would have been
the ideal baby-sitter for Rakesh’ ‘Taken good care of our house’ ‘Why couldn’t God have taken
our father instead of our mother?’ This is what I overheard You know I was happy when I learnt
I was suffering from cancer I didn’t rob that bank
for my treatment, Sathya I’ve been a loser all my life At least the fag end of my life… …I wanted to live
under my own terms Live like a lion royally and then die That is why I swear I didn’t kill
that child intentionally, Sathya I was so flustered
I pressed the trigger Just like this Rakesh is blessed He is alive But poor kid, I can never
forgive myself for her death I have suffered a lot in life At this stage in my life
to be arrested and imprisoned… …to be humiliated in front
of my children and grandson Don’t give me any such ordeal Please shoot me I forgot to tell you something You know I shot that officer and Guna
who tortured me one hell of a lot I felt so happy I will die peacefully now


I only watched 20 mnts of the move and I absolutely love the hero and his characterization. I hope the movie will keep up the image until the end.. fingers crossed!

Super movie 🎥 first i think no need to watch then i just the comments here and start watching …… very interesting but little slow 👍👍

absolutely love it.. this move has a trace of the story "breaking bad" if you have netflix you will know what I am talking about. but nicely written.. then hero has done a fabulous job.. Hatts off to the villan sir.

Hero va nadichavar ah thavira …
Maththa yellarumay antha character kku alaga set aagirukkanga… but Intha movie le hero than black mark ah theriuraaru… Director hero va semaiya Pali vaangittaru pola…

நல்ல கதை, ஏன் ஹீரோ மட்டும் மலச்சிக்கல்காரன் மாதிரியே மூஞ்சை வெச்சுருக்காரு?

I think Vijay and Surya Rajini should watch movies like this and act in this kind of stories instead of mass flops like 2.0 and Sarkar like same story hero kills villain in the end.

அருமையான திரைப்படம் வாழ்த்துக்கள் அனைவருக்கும்

Very good movie only songs is the speed breakers other than that it's a excellent movie and ms basker did a legendary work

Superb movie..touching story line.. hero is really apt for the character..and villain..no words👏🏻👏🏻 that tea time shot between hero and villain.. single shot..semma superb bhaskar sir👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Super film highly recommend to watch for all. Great credits at end showing inspirations. MS bhaskar acting vera level and all cast super

Hats off! Excellent story! Very good direction. The style of the movie reminds me of Anjathey by Mysskin. Even there are so much similarities in background music scores.

நல்ல கதை – படத்தின் பேர் மட்டும் வேற இருந்திருந்தால் நல்ல வெற்றியே நேடியிருக்கும் ..

Never knew about this movie..
Until yesterday when I just saw the robbery scene.
Mistook it to be a comedy scene.
Only to know that it was damn serious.
A very different movie. Towards the end I wished that the villain would win.

8 தோட்டாக்கள் ஓநாயும் ஆட்டுகுட்டியும் என் மனதில் ஏதோ…. சொல்ல வார்த்தை இல்லை

നായകൻ ഒരു മൊയന്ത്‌ എന്ന് ആർക്കൊക്കെ തോന്നി?

bhaskar sir… super….. bt hero vandh etho sappade kedikkatha pulla mathiri irinthich….padam super story….. antha hero ve maathi enakke oru chance koduthirunthal nan nallave nadippen… enna seyyarth… onnume seyya mudiyaath

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