60 Seconds! Reatomized: NUKE! Better Have Family Life Insurance! – Gameplay Walkthrough #1

well hello there everyone my name is
Vince welcome to my 60 Seconds Reatomized gameplay walkthrough guide for pc ladies
and gentlemen I hope you have family life insurance I’ve got no idea what I’m about to get into here I do hope that
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you did essentially though what we need to do is gather up as many I guess
resources and family members as we can within 60 seconds and head to the bomb
shelter and hopefully survive our days out in peace but is that gonna happen I
doubt it either way let’s get this game off right
now I want to go to new game here we go this game is new on Steam I think right
now it’s about like ten dollars I think dude honestly I would say select the
type of atomic adventure atomic drill the tutorial 100% approved by the
establishment sure learn all about had asked average and survived in the event
of a nuclear apocalypse in this 60 Seconds Reatomized gameplay walkthrough guide for pc 100% of by the establishment begin
adventure why not let’s do it medkit royal injuries ran you from paper
cuts of decapitations oh okay Oh welcome to your Atomics cabbage drill
pay attention and you might just make it here we go hold the grab control and
skip my words but every time you do the Reds will drop an extra nuke
what’s the grab control how to grab no time to waste get moving and head to the
mic point in front of you move it while I’m already here Oh a lot that gun on
the wall as well come good job there might be just hope for you yet
just keep those legs moving move mix the yellow eggs okay where’s
the yellow X now what the hell’s a yellow ax knowing me I probably just
going straight past the yellow X everyone legit surely can’t be that far
in here maybe no co-op eggs oh I missed it already there it is
I was going to say what is going on not bad but you better be in good shape
there is more where that came from what running around the house so I think
yeah if you run into stuff it does cause some issues it’s fun time is over it’s a
matter of life and thing I’ll go find your son Timmy ASAP Timmy where are
you there you are good thing you know the layout of your house I bet you the
Reds know it – I actually got no idea about my housemate family comes first
grab Timmy he will be the first to visit your cozy shelter ok got Timmy where am
I going hmm that’s it instead of taking the
other family homes – I’ll leave the exact priority to you I will take you as
well can I take the girl now timmy is safe
but you need to find food to keep the shelter stocked
well I can’t grab anyone else so where’s the food aha soup got some soup
Can I grab the knife or anything no soup an excellent choice
this can sustain a family of four I couldn’t read the rest every American
atomic shelter also needs a supply of water hunt for some bottles okay now
with bottles being here at all this is the oh is it it’s an a bottle of water
that was easy that’s enough water for now but you’ve
got yourself a problem buster problem you can only carry so much and every
item weighs at least one slot you need to drop whatever you’re carrying at the
hatch before you can pick up more Oh okay we need to find the hatch now
where’s the hatch drop whatever you’re carrying down into the shelter whenever
near the hatch drop all items you have there’s a good chance they will survive
the fall okay Oh bingo you got yourself a small stock follow our pile of food
and even little Timmy okay I’ll just to Timmy down the shelter no one knows how
long you’ll be staying down there so we need a radio where’s a radio here it is
beautiful that’s it nothing is more useful than the news from the
radioactive outside world that is correct
sometimes you get a few extra seconds before the siren sounds to scale your
surroundings but after it goes off you need to start packing just ones you’ll
fall out there grab five items drop them into the shelter okay
incredibly advanced warning system gives you 60 seconds to scavenge what you need
and get yourself to safety let’s give it a try well it definitely need the wife I
mean can I grab my whole family or not quite at least five more items and
family members in the next 60 seconds and make sure you find yourself close to
the shelter when the time is up okay but what else do I really need I want that
gun on the wall oh we’re gone it’s on everyone okay I
got two soups I’ve got a gun and I can’t grab the the daughter that’s okay
grab the daughter done is that five item so I can keep going
okay keep keep going here suitcase can’t and pick up the wire that’s right I got
some more water quick quick quick so looking good for the wife right now
everyone the wife seems to be in some trouble but I was gonna grab some more
food definitely on food I have no room oh no no no no gotta keep running
you’ve got enough supplies to collect some more if you want remember to get
close to the shelter okay now got two waters anything else
around here get pretty bad now what’s that down now just got a little book
quick quick quick and you get the wire you get the wife
wife wife wife but yes I did it Karen made it that’s it I’m
done I don’t think I can get anything else I’ve got the gun didn’t I’m just
making sure about that gun I just move that face came down a bit there as well
there we go time’s up now you know how to get what
you need to survive but your training is far from over
okay I see the understands for survival
training at ease okay that was pretty straightforward but I don’t know how
good we were just would have survived then everyone is our family going to
make it I guess we’ll find out a second will it show us soup can we saw a store
up for seven hundred and thirty seven years okay day one yes we do get to see
what happened it’s cool we have a whole bunch of soup a gun Scout look there day
one you made it to the shelter congratulations
but the drills not over yet you end up here with whatever or and whoever you
brought with you nothing else you need to make the most of it the next few days
will teach you how to survive down here while the world outside burns explore
and interact with your surroundings you can always find out useful things about
your shelter and the in its inhabitants when your survival journal is not open
yet or hidden first things first we must ration food and water if you don’t wine
and dine yourself and the folks you brought with you and ship with you look
the problem is if I feed my family how long is the food gonna last for I’m a
bit scared now you can bet your bottom dollar none of you will ever see the
light of day right okay soup we will be eating today I
guess I don’t want everyone to eat do I don’t want everyone to eat I guess
everyone gonna have water it’s gonna be hard alright look dad won’t have water
but the kids yeah okay the day’s gonna be here or here I think everyone and
maybe the mom the mom doesn’t need the food II that you know what get-get the
kids first kids first yep yeah okay kids first let’s see I’m done
now what since this is your first day down here you need to get used to your
surroundings believe me ventilation hum can drive anyone nuts if you don’t
occupy yourself with something to do get some decent rest and we’ll carry on
tomorrow night okay there we go what’s gonna happen now day
two this is pretty cool everyone’s alive and happy good soup’s on the table there
good morning survivalists hope you slept well
beds comfy enough no we’ll better get used to it since you’ll be staying here
for a while what big game this is gonna be we start
today’s activities with rationing since you need to do it every day but after
that we will move on to something else got your attention good now listen there
is a risk you’ll run out of supplies eventually everything can be useful but
food and water are critical to your survival if they’re gone you’ll be gone
sooner then you can say corn dog so sometimes you would either send people
to the surface to bring more supplies no that’s gonna be interesting you can do
this by preparing an expedition a day before it actually departs be careful
Dario tide survivors can never be a part of an expedition today we will skip
preparations and jump directly into sending someone brave outside there
isn’t much going on with Ted no trouble and I think new there isn’t anything new
bothering Mary Jane Delores is doing quite well or she just can’t find
anything to complain about today Timmy seems okay as much as he can be in
our current situation okay sorry make sure the kids are hungry we better eat
something this time around and I think this time should we get the water this
time everyone the kids just eat with no water
I feel bad doing this eh I feel pretty bad but okay should we go outside
sending people out to the wasteland there’s no walk in the park do it too
early or without a gas mask then you can’t bet it’s a suicide mission for
them send healthy and well-fed people sick hurts or craves people are more
likely to perish out there you can send one person at a time let’s give it a try
this time you will need to send someone out but if you ever want to skip a trip
to the surface don’t select any one all right daddy you’re going out buddy
he’s gonna be so mad day three what did dad get where’s dad okay this is a drill
so your Explorer will come back after a little while but in the event of a real
apocalypse they might be gone for a couple of days in the meantime here we
face with other problems that would test you to the limits I’m talking about
making decisions that can break even the best of men’s mold spine oh dear
we’ll see what clay you’re made of but first ration your food and water we
don’t want anyone starving now do we Ted left for the surface we hope we’ll be
back soon Mary Jane seems fine today hopefully we’ll stay that way the
Laureus is doing quite well if you just can’t find anything to complain about
Timmy is good well at least he was five minutes ago okay
so dad’s gone at the moment who’s hungry the kids kids are on mum we’ll be fine
give it some give the months of water should be okay I shadow to the kids the
kids hmm ooh didn’t eat last time I think the parents didn’t eat last time
did they so we swap it up a bit question mark day three I’m an army man
so I don’t know a second thing about imagination but you could probably use
yours now picture that this scenario you come across your kids hamster who is in
some bizarre way found it what found its way to the shelter other the hamsters
here okay the kids are obviously going to love it and so will you there’s
nothing better than food that comes to you on its own now it’s up to you to
cook him do we cook the hamster everyone yes I cooked the hamster up Dave for oh
I feel bad I wonder how the kids feel about that good choice everyone had to
buy it and fresh meat will not be easy to come by in the days ahead
best to take any chance you can you can get to eat believe me you’ll find
yourself and your family and much more dire circumstances than this and there
won’t be a hamster around to save our huts
there isn’t anything new bothering Mary Jane
she is Dolores is fine and she’s having I guess as well as your can be a tiny
shelter Timmy might not look like it but he’s a strong young boy he’s doing just
fine okay we’re slowly running out of
supplies here oh dear this is a bit of a situation now food food food
no one gets water today Dave for you might be faced with decisions that
require you to use equipment however sometimes you might find you don’t have
the one item that was supposed to save the day so make sure you scavenge the
right supplies before the blast keep in mind every item can be used with
something what do you want to do today clean a rifle listen to the radio or
maybe play shadow bunnies using the flashlight I guess listen to the radio okay day five is dad back yes he is that
is back everyone how’d you go dad will always cut up dance injured Ted hurt and
hungry Mary Jane find Timmy find Dolores find
the radio is critical to establishing communications with the US Army as as
well as for listening out for any trouble that might be headed your way if
you get lucky maybe you’ll catch some music too good news everyone the
expedition is back sometimes I’ll return with extra supplies sometimes they won’t
other times I’ll come back with a nasty injury or even radiation sickness
believe me you don’t want to get those I hear glowing in the dark isn’t as fun as
it sounds this time your Explorer was hurt but they will recover after the
proper use of the first-aid kit you can use one during rationing okay so there’s
use the first aid kit on Ted and Ted is hungry he’s been on expedition so he’s
alright but Ted did not bring back any supplies from what I can see right now
so this is a bit of a situation what are we going to do right now I don’t want
poor Timmy to starve but then I don’t want Dolores to starve either
or that is that Mary Jane Dolores is the MA Dolores is the mum I hope Dolores was
the the kid I don’t want to kid the staff though
here what what do you do a dude cuz Ted needs to be fit like he needs to be
alright here because he’s hungry it was out scavenging the mom has nothing I got
some give the mom some food what a situation we’re in now alright Dave why
if you need at least one alive adult to keep going if you send your any survivor
to the surface you won’t know what’s happening in your bunker until they come
back and when they do your shelter my already belong to someone else a decent
padlock may protect it but not for long this was quite a busy day take your time
and get some sleep if you made it this far you’re doing
great and have a chance at getting out of this foxhole hopefully soon but don’t
quote me on that survived the atomic drill that’s the mission okay boy it’s
getting a bit more intense now isn’t everyone oh we’re out of rations oh yeah
boy we’ve only just sent someone outside but let’s give it another go today shall
we the first time you were only asked to pick one unlucky bar one brave volunteer
to save the day this time you will also get a chance to equip your Explorer with
some Hugh’s fur gear feed your troops and I’ll see you at the shelter entrance
Ted stomach is rumbling Ted injuries are all fixed Dolores has to drink sometimes
mary-jane seems fine today hopefully we’ll stay that way nothing new with
Timmy we’re out of resources here everyone know we’re completely out of
resources right now we’ve got a situation God oh boy now do we let the
parents survive because the kids really can’t do that much I mean if the parents
die they said that the missions over all right anything can be useful outside and
some islands even improve scavengers chances of survival notice you have a
suitcase that’s handy with a suitcase or explora can carry more go ahead pick
something what to take out so I had nothing who should go outside Dolores
this time I reckon about time Ted was out last time Santa Loras can go
outside simple as that morning people this is day seven by the way morning
people you’re probably asking yourself one simple question what’s the point of
sitting in this atomic shelter why don’t I just leave well leaving is a
sentence if the radioactive sickness doesn’t kill you and the giant scorpions
will you can trust me on that your one chance is our boys arriving to rescue
you so every good citizen needs to do one thing seek contact with the US
military and a way to rescue the loris is on our way to the surface let’s hope
she’ll make it back safe and sound there isn’t enough food to go around even Ted
has nothing to eat oh boy we got nothing day seven no no no the rescue ain’t
coming today but we’ll get you eventually you need to keep your radio
operational and be ready to venture into the wastes
however you need to be careful it might not be only our soldiers out there they
could be balanced or worse commies just imagine what will happen if the Reds
discover you so let’s agree to the rules for this
drill you only open this door if someone knocks two times am i clear two knots
all righty two knocks everyone day eight now to go you bring back anything a
checkers board and some food okay good a flashlight and ax excellent she actually
bring back some good stuff good job very good job Lois you need to remember that
some days will be very intense a lot of things will happen that you need to be
prepared for that’s why any day that gives you a break is a blessing and you
need to make sure that you make the most of it eat drink and relax or thinking
about all those commie busts who don’t have comfy bunkers like you that thought
always gets me through the day we were glad to see Delores come back safely
from the wasteland the proud was this Ellison lazuli
yeah Ellison hotel well at least in hotel either way was completely
destroyed piles of parlors of luggage were lying between heaps of rubble only
a few rooms or law on low levels partially now we know the secret of
their restaurant chef is tomato soup now one other
star hotel plus one soup every room was stocked with water bottles for guests I
fueled them remained relatively untouched by the explosion so we got
some water there oh there’s a few of them only got one and what was left of
one of the rooms two figures we’re playing chess one was a skeleton and the
other was a man is some kind of metal armor they gave us their chess board
claiming they have a spare one only when we walked away did we discover that they
gave us check is instead of chests what a sick joke one of the luggage bags was
filled with a wide array of different flashlight models exciter we tried them
all but only one was in working condition the lobby was mostly destroyed
and barely anything could be found on the floor except for one very hairy and
very dead lumberjack he had an axe in his hand
Ted is hungry all Ted wishes for a few drops of water water is what Mary Jane
needs most right now Delores has not eaten in a while how about getting Timmy
something to drink he’s not looking well only have one thing of water I only have
one thing a water broke like this is the only ration I really have who needs
water right now think she’s hungry in the scene I’m Rhea Dolores is hungry
hungry thirsty thirsty and thirsty okay so we can survive still day eight as
long as you keep your shelter stocked and remain cautious you should be okay I
have every choice you make may come back to bite you on the ass even after a few
days or weeks consider your options carefully this is a drill but if the
nukes start dropping it will be a totally different story all right day 9 like this game so far okay here we go day 9 if I were you I’d
check the door an extraction team might be coming for you any day now but be
careful this is a post-apocalyptic scenario and you never know what’s
coming Ted stomach is rumbling Ted is no longer
thirsty Delores has not eaten in a while Mary Jane is knowing the thirsty Timmy’s
are thirsty I see you’re hungry Delores and Ted are still hungry everyone
someone’s at the door you hear several knocks if you’re listening closely you
can make out sequences three knocks do you open the door no we need two knocks
just remember that to day 10 now we’re still alive here good core that wasn’t a
knock you’re waiting for caution at all times remember that big cautious supply
yourself and maybe you and your family will be just fine or at least most of
you Delores have been putting on a brave
face but she must be starving Ted isn’t hungry anymore
Mary Jane seems fine today hopefully was staying that way no news is good news
there’s nothing new going on with Timmy and we’ve got absolutely no supplies oh
boy as your we’re counting imaginary sheep in your head another series of
knocks break your concentration someone is really hammering on your door and
probably not taking no for an answer – knocks – knocks the patent keeps
repeating do you open the door yes this is two knocks everyone this is it
rescued hopefully the end the achievement logged atomic drill that was
the end we did it the end the good job you’re safe and sound with our brave
soldiers and now we can all have some apple pie you deserve it we survived for
11 days day one atomic drill begins day 8 Hotel Raiders day 10 successfully
passed the drill done I did it now what now what I do we just what are we doing
here the end yes I love a guy who the arrow I think what are we doing here you
survived big soup there and the side beautiful and adventure share your
adventure let’s get an adventure all right radio keep up with the world
even after it ends dude this is a pretty fun game I’ll give
it that guys it’s actually a very interesting game for real
what’s memories Newt drops survived zero perished an atomic explosion zero where
here’s all like the and stuff okay
very very cool people perishing expedition zero zero zero zero so
there’s like a lot of people could die here people perish during a nuke drop
zero water consume soup consumed average survival time zero days okay so dude
this is gonna be a fun series I actually cannot wait for this I really hope you
guys that came for this as well what the hell’s down here ice the credits down
here in the sewer ventilation thing hey guys little drain what I was gonna click
the car settings okay as the settings no worries just clicking on random stuff
right now little Pete’s on the roof there now is that a Breaking Bad
reference or not the pits on the roof I don’t know took the right shirt Breaking
Bad where they throw the pizza on the roof and electricity box down not too
sure what happens if you click that but either way no trophy what’s this this is
a trophy room atomic drill will complete the government and doors for a drill
okay so this is like the trophy room I guess for every achievement you get I’ve
got one at the moment interesting look at the blimp at the
back there okay cool everyone will look I’m gonna wrap it up here either way for
today’s episode thank you so much for watching I do hope that you all enjoy I
cannot wait to get stuck into this game tomorrow for another day I guess
surviving nuclear pool see you on the comments section below and of course I
see you tomorrow see you later


Another pc game i know is tabs if you played it already then play ravenfield 🙂 or atleast paint the town red a fighting and fun game

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