5G NR beam coverage and quality field measurement with Nemo solutions

Measuring and analyzing 5G NR beams with Keysight Nemo solutions Measuring 5G NR beams with Nemo Outdoor connected to 5G scanner and post-processing with Nemo Analyze First, let’s connect Nemo Outdoor to the 5G scanner Set the measurement period=100 ms, Pilot measurement mode=High Speed After channel is selected, select Subcarrier spacing case and SSB periods Real-time visualization of quality and coverage of the reference beams Nemo Outdoor records the location of measurements to visualize the route on a map User can easily change the pilot measurement mode and measurement period All measurements are stored into an NMF (Nemo file format) log file Post-processing with Nemo Analyze Loading the scanner logs into Nemo Analyze post-processing tool Automatic visualization of beam footprints Ability to filter the results to the beams of interest gNB sector with green Walked route with blue Click a tab to visualize coverage of a certain beam Analyzing network coverage on a map 5G gNB base stations on a map By clicking the beam index, you will see the locations where a particular beam is strongest Add SS-RSRP of the best beam to the driven route View SS-RSRP of the best beam as line graph Also visualize SS-RSRQ of the best beam as a line graph Add SS-SINR of the best beam Maps and the KPI charts are synchronized Study problematic locations with low SS-RSRP/RSRQ/SINR values Check how street view looks in a location where SS-RSRP is

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