5 Tips to Close More Final Expense Sales (NEW)

if you’re out there grinding away doing
everything you can to be successful at selling final expense life insurance
you’re definitely gonna appreciate the five tips to close more final expense
sales that I’m about to share with you right here right now in this video I
mean here’s the thing most people are looking for those low-hanging fruit yeah
the ones are the easy sales the ones that are easily available and by doing
that you’re missing out on sales that could potentially be causing you to miss
out on even more sales thing is the low-hanging fruit is just not plentiful
enough so you’re gonna need to grab your ladder and get up into that tree you’ll
see what I mean coming up after this Doug Massi here and if you’re new to
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the first tip that I have is to always work your leads within 24 hours
receiving them if all possible I mean like get in front of these folks
immediately it doesn’t matter if you’re working Final expense facebook leads
telemarketer leads or even the king of Ollie the infamous final expense Direct
Mail leads seriously every day that you sit on a lead you’re closing percentages
will absolutely go down and in my opinion there’s just no excuse not to go
take your leads today right now and go bang on somebody’s door tip number two
do everything you possibly can to get in the clients house once you’ve made first
contact with that lead you see what naturally happens with our prospects
especially when your door knocking is they tend to instinctively react and
want to get rid of a sales person even when you’re on the phone calling to set
appointments their first initial knee-jerk reaction is to push you away
know exactly how to get over their objections which are usually just
excuses and in most cases tend to be lies look whether you’re at their front
door or speaking with them on the phone don’t believe the nonsense and do
whatever you have to do in order to either get the appointment right now
immediately you know the next day like if you’re speaking with them on the
phone set the
point for tomorrow or if you’re at the front door door knocking den into their
house right now scheduling appointments at the front
door well what that usually does is it just gives them time to think about it
and change their mind so you need to be strong overcome the nonsense and did in
that house and make your presentation right now number three never ever ever
answer the phone if there’s a chance you’re getting a phone call from someone
who might be calling to cancel or even reschedule the appointment when someone
calls me to reschedule or cancel an appointment that’s already set I’m gonna
let it go to voicemail and guess what I’m showing up at their door as
scheduled you will absolutely make lots of sales that you normally wouldn’t be
making if you take my advice and learn to ignore people that get cold feet and
call with an excuse to cancel the appointment or reschedule don’t be lazy
forget about the nonsense chances are if something important came up that they
forgot about you could go to their house and notice that their car is still there
in the driveway tip number four always get referrals
from everybody that you meet especially if you don’t sell them I mean look what
have you got to lose by using the agent evaluation referral sheet that I
mentioned earlier if you use it correctly you’re gonna get referrals
every day you’re out in the field and will easily increase your sales every
single week and number five work every single one of your leads as if your life
depended on it or as if you pay $200 for it man if another agent tells V that the
lead is no good because the prospect wouldn’t take the appointment over the
phone I’m gonna frickin scream so what if they hung up on you or were mean to
you on the phone that lead is totally in play and all you got to do is
listening to the nonsense and get this person that filled out the form the
information that they requested no matter what it takes
look I make sales just about every single week from people that would not
take an appointment on the phone get off your butt take the lead to the prospects
front door show them the printout and push your way
into that house and get them the information that they requested sure
some of these folks will not let you in but some of them will absolutely be
totally different face to face and invite you in because these people are
usually the buyers remember the first instinct that natural knee-jerk reaction
for pretty much all of us is to get rid of anybody that’s in sales if you can
just accept this and then get past it which is what a true salesperson does
you’re going to be very successful at selling final expense life insurance
while using and working final expense leads look if you need the training so
you can effectively overcome most objections whether you’re on the phone
or well door-knocking leads our sales team has access to videos and webinars
that teach exactly that on our weekly sales training calls I personally go
over exactly these type of final expense sales training topics and repeatedly
cover everything from how to set appointments door knock leads make an
effective final expense presentation all of this and a lot more for information
on joining our sales team or if you just like a copy of that agent evaluation
referral sheet that I mentioned earlier in the video email me at Doug at you FES
online.com always always always put the needs of your clients first and
everything else will fall right into place now get out there and do something
good for someone today happy hunting you

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