$40 WIG!! Model Model Premium Seven Star EV-003 Try On

Hey curlfriends and welcome back. Today’s going to be a $40 wig try on from
Model Model. I was sent over this unit courtesy of Ebonyline.com,
so I thought that I would go ahead and try this on with you guys, give you guys the full
experience from unboxing to styling. Let’s go ahead and get this unit out. I chose the Model Model Premium Seven Star
in the Model EV-003. This is the honey blonde ombre color that
I chose. I think it’s super bomb and beautiful. You’ll find 3 methods of security; 2 combs
on the temples and 1 in the nape. First and foremost, let’s start off with the
lace. I’m using some left over setting powder to
line the inside of the cap as well as cutting off the lace so that we can try this unit
on. For reference, I’m wearing a middle part braid
pattern with a regular wig cap on top. Let’s go ahead and pop this unit on. I have to say, straight out of the box, the
unit is extremely gorgeous! As you guys can tell already, I’m definitely
feeling myself with this color ya’ll! They pretty much slayed this color. As you guys can see, they pretty much ombred
the color into the hair so the top is really nice dark natural looking roots and drips
into this nice honey blonde. The color that I got is SOP62724. I know it’s super long, so I’ll have it linked
in the description box below for your reference. I went ahead and just brushed all of the curls
using a large paddle brush. Now we can go ahead and lay down these edges
for a seamless install. I’m using my edge control and gel technique. I’m using edge control as well as some Eco
Styler gel to get the best and strongest hold. I placed the unit right behind my hairline;
about a half an inch or so behind my hairline so that my baby hairs could act as a good
blending method. Since this is a $40 synthetic unit, the hairline
can tend to be really harsh. For this reason, I like to leave out my own
natural baby hairs and lay them down so that when the wind blows you’ll see that hair instead
of a super harsh, straight across line. This hair is made of a premium fiber so it
feels extremely natural. It feels kind’ve like yaki textured hair if
you’re used to Beauty Supply Store hair. It’s really nice and thick. It has a lot of texture to it so it looks
extremely natural. Now that we’re done with our edges, we can
go ahead and fix this parting. I’m using some left over concealer from me
doing my makeup earlier for this video. I’m just going to line that middle part. I’m kind’ve over-lining onto the hair itself
to give it more of a wider look that way it matches my own natural part. I’ll slip a little bit more underneath the
cap where the cap meets my wig cap. Now I’m going to pluck out the thickness/width
of my parting on the edge so that it looks more natural. I’m taking it one strand at a time so that
I don’t rip the lace. All of my prep work for this unit is pretty
much complete. I’m just going to brush everything into place. This hair can definitely be curled and the
brush will actually activate the curls that it already has it straight out of the box
right away. It doesn’t take a lot to get the curls popping
in this unit. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this try
on. I literally love these blonde units on my
skin tone. You guys let me know what you guys think in
the comments below. It’s a really long unit; a little bit longer
than I’ve ever really worn but I think that I actually like this length. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I hope that I helped you guys with you shopping
experience on Ebonyline.com. I’ll see you guys in the next video and I
love you guys so much!


I'm a new subbie. I think you are so special. I just bought the Outre braided wig because of you. How did I not know about your channel?😂 You are so lovely, fashion model material!

Ebonyline is a total FRAUD. Funny that they could send you a free wig, but they stole $90 from me and did not ship my order for OVER 2 WEEKS. I had to open a PayPal Case to get my money back.

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