2019 KOHO Premium Review

Hey everyone! Bridget from Money After
Graduation here to give you a review of KOHO Premium. Now as I mentioned in my
other videos this is not a sponsored video from KOHO but I am an affiliate,
which means when you sign up using my code, moneyaftergrad, I do get a small
payout for that. But you also get 1% bonus cash back and with KOHO
Premium that gives you 3% cash back on your highest spending
categories and 1.5% cash back on everything else, which is
not insignificant. If you don’t want to sign up using my code you can simply go
to getkoho.ca and get your KOHO card and your Premium Membership, but you
won’t get the bonus cash back from me so that’s too bad for both of us. I
signed up for KOHO Premium as soon as it became available because I love KOHO. If
you want to know how much I love KOHO, I’ll link my original KOHO Review in the
description below so you can check that out. But I’ll tell you a bit more of how
much I’ve been using KOHO Premium and the benefits that I’ve enjoyed from it
in this video. KOHO Premium is $9 a month or $84 a year if you sign up on
the annual plan, that saves you a little bit if you’re willing to prepay like
that. I found it’s absolutely worth it for me because I’m a huge KOHO user. I
use the card for virtually everything so getting the perks of premium are more
than worth the $9 I pay every month for that membership. As
always, the regular version of KOHO is totally free. You still earn cash back
on that regular account, you pay no fees for it, but it’s lacking some of the cool
features that you’ll get if you sign up for KOHO Premium. The main feature from KOHO premium is obviously bonus cash back. You’ll earn 2% cash back on all food,
eating and drinking, groceries, as well as transportation costs. Everything from
parking, gasoline, car washes, things like that, even transit passes. If you use your
KOHO card for regular daily life of eating and traveling and commuting,
you’ll probably find that you accumulate more than enough cash back to justify
your KOHO Premium membership because 2% adds up
really fast. Especially with groceries. Especially if you have to buy diapers.
Other than the bonus cash back, my absolute favorite feature of KOHO
Premium is the price match. This is a really cool thing that they added
recently, where they’ll actually do the legwork of finding the best price on
something you’ve already bought. When you make a purchase at a participating
merchant with KOHO, you’ll actually see an alert in your KOHO app, a little
magnifying glass with a dollar sign in it. It pops up and it says that that
purchase is eligible for price match. At that point all you need to do is take a
picture of your receipt and send it in to price match at KOHO and they’ll take
a look all over to see if you could have gotten a better deal elsewhere. Some of
the ones that have always popped up for me are London Drugs, Sephora, Walmart.
It’s really easy I just snap a picture of the receipt and if I could have
gotten a better deal at another merchant, they’ll actually refund the difference
to your KOHO account. I mean, if you use price match once a month you’re probably
gonna get your premium fee paid for just with that. I personally just love this
feature because price matching or price comparing is something I’ve never really
had the time to do. I don’t want to sit around browsing stores online or
clipping coupons to make sure that I save a few bucks because it’s so time
consuming and now someone else is doing that for me!
KOHO is, it’s great. Another perk of KOHO Premium if you’re big traveler is
there’s no foreign transaction fees. Often when you’re using any credit card
abroad, not only do you have to pay the currency exchange rate, you have to pay
foreign transaction fees. On KOHO this is generally just a regular rate of 1.5%
but if you’re a premium member it is zero. You still have to pay the currency exchange
rate but at least the other fees are gone. Finally, another thing that they
offer KOHO premium members is financial coaching. If you need some help with your
budget or savings strategy they have a financial coach in the app that you can
just message that will give you some insights and tips and strategies to
managing your own spending behavior. I haven’t used this feature yet, even
though I chat to their financial coach often because we’re buds, but it’s a
really great addition if you want a little bit more one-on-one help with
your finances. KOHOis gonna give you that as a premium member. Overall, I’ve been
loving KOHO premium since I’ve been using it, mostly especially for the bonus
cash back because I feel like I just get to my
savings goals so much faster now with that extra one and a half percent on all
my food and transportation costs. I also really love the look of the KOHO premium
card I mean it’s just sexy in my wallet. If you’re unsure KOHO premium is for you
the real easy way to decide is just to sign up for KOHO, use the card for a
while, and look at your spending in the 2% cashback categories. I mean, one of the
great things of KOHO is they are tracking your spending so you’ll know
right away how much you regularly spend on food and transportation to see if
upgrading to the Premium Membership is worth it. If it’s not, you can just stay
at the regular KOHO tier and earn cashback for free but if the trade-off
is worth it for you you’ll probably find the KOHO premium actually pays for
itself. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and learned something cool today. If
you did, please give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments below if
you’re a KOHO Premium Member and what your favorite perk is! I will see you
guys next week!


I have used the k o h o financial coach many times. She's very helpful with helping to explain basic financial stewardship and also to explain the world of creditand also if you're looking into more major financial things that perhaps you don't want to spend the time to book an appointment with somebody at the bank and you just need a quick answer. She's also very thorough and communicative in the sense that the conversation continues Beyond just answering the question to ensure you got the full answer

Hi there,
I signed up for KOHO using your link but I never saw an actual refferal number ever. KOHO requires that number in order for you and I to recieve the refferal bonus. Can you please let me know what that is?

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