2017 Nissan GT-R Review: Is the GT-R Premium the Perfect Supercar?

So how do you start the review of a 2017 Nissan
GT-R Premium? Quite simply like this: Oh man! Ah-ha! And yes. You are at warp-speed before you even realize
it. That’s the experience of driving a Nissan
GT-R. It just slaps you in the chest, and rushes you forward into the future – or
the past – because it really doesn’t matter. This is your own personal time machine. Forget DeLoreans. This is where it’s at in 2017: the Nissan
GT-R, and it’s – it’s just a laugh. That’s all there is to it. It just makes you laugh every time you drive
it. Now let’s get to the biggest elephant in the
room when it comes to this vehicle: that it makes everything feel like a video game – that
it takes life away from the experience of driving. It just feels too digital. Well, after a week of living with this thing,
I would say it’s actually quite the opposite. I would say it enhances life by making it
more like a video game within the realm of real life, so it actually kind of seasons
life with a nice, digital luminescence. It kind of amplifies the driving experience
in a way that no other car can right now because of its digital ways, and that makes it very
unique. But for 2017 they have refined it a bit more,
so it’s a bit quieter; it’s a bit softer while still being able-bodied. It just feels more grown-up, and as somebody
like me who likes a GT car experience, it gives me the entire GT car experience, so
in that regard I can’t complain. In the first day I had this car, I was actually
trying to find things that I didn’t like about it, and it was hard for me to find them, but
after a little bit of testing, we found that the cup holder wasn’t deep enough. Yeah, I guess Nissan may want to go back to
the drawing board with this thing, then because, you know, if the cupholder doesn’t work right,
then I guess the whole car doesn’t work right, so there’s my review. OK, and that was the April Fool’s portion
of my review, but in reality, this car – it’s pretty damn-near perfect. I mean, I think that after eight years on
the market now in the United States, they finally perfected this vehicle, and I really,
really am pleased with my experience with it. OK, so it’s not perfect, but for a GT-R, I
think it’s as perfect as you’re going to get. Obviously this is a heavier car, so it doesn’t
feel like a Caterham Seven, which is like the 2nd-favorite car I’ve ever driven in my
life because it only weighs 1,200 pounds, and with the lightness of that car, that’s
like the template for how all cars should handle, but for something that weighs about
4,000 pounds, this thing’s amazing! The way the torque vectoring works, and the
way this thing just deals with the grip that it has, and the way the tires work with the
chassis, and with the all-wheel-drive system. You know, these Dunlop tires — I’m not
even going to say their entire name because it’s like four words, and then three acronyms,
and then three other letters after that, and then four more letters after that, but you
can feel that they were custom-made for this car, and this car feels like one cohesive,
complete package. That’s why I love it. It’s just a really complete package. And when you think of other automakers having
to come out with a new chassis every six or so years to refine the mistakes of the car
that came before it, Nissan didn’t do that with this. They just kept refining and refining and refining,
and they never stopped refining what they had originally drawn up, and even in 2017
– a car that came out in Japan in 2008, and the United States in 2009 – it still
feels cutting-edge. Now I will say something like the Mercedes-AMG
GT S: that feels like something from the future, but the fact that this car feels like something
that is leading-edge in 2017, that’s such an achievement, and I really have to congratulate
Nissan for that. So I just pulled over to do a camera check
to see if everything was still in spec, and it turns out the launch control was so violent,
it actually made the camera zoom in from 50 mm to like 75 mm, as you could see, and I
couldn’t at the time, but that’s how violent the acceleration of this car is. You just mash the brake, mash the gas, let
off the brake, and it’s like the clutches just slap the transmission, and, man, it’s
violent! And I love it! I just love it so much! Ah, I’m just smiles from ear to ear driving
it, it’s … The Nissan GT-R is such a legendary vehicle,
and it’s not just because of how fast it is, but it’s just ferocious on every level, from
the way it turns, the way it stops, the way it goes. On every level it’s just such a damn-good
car. Oh! I love it. Ah! So right now I just kissed beautiful leather. Pretty much everything you touch in this car
is leather-lined. Now, back in 2009 when this car came out,
it wasn’t like that, so, yes, the price of this car has gone up significantly because
it started out around $80,000 back in 2009, and now it’s as-tested $118,000, so it’s a
pretty significant jump; however, the quality has jumped significantly, too, and originally
the car had 485 horsepower. Now it has 565 horsepower, and 467 foot-pounds
of torque, so we’re dealing with a lot of car here, and even though it costs a lot of
money, you are getting a lot of car, so I still say that this is a great bang-for-the-buck
proposition. Again, this car was originally designed for
the 2008/2009 model year, yet the engine feels just as modern as any twin-turbocharged engine
on the market today. There’s very little lag; the delay from off-boost
to on-boost is extremely progressive; it doesn’t just snap on, it is a nice build-up of power,
and so you pretty much feel like you always have the power, especially after 2,000 rpm,
you have what you need, but then after 2,500 rpm it starts coming on – it squeezes itself
on progressively, and that’s great for if you’re on the racetrack – if you want to
squeeze on that throttle a little bit earlier to activate that all-wheel-drive grip, and
really keep the chassis nice and planted and undisturbed by any extreme throttle movements. Just squeeze that throttle on, and you’re
always going to have that power there. It’s not going to be snappy like a 930 Porsche. And that’s really cool for an engine that
is now more than 10 years old design-wise, so again, bravo, Nissan. I wasn’t expecting to like this car as much. I was thinking, “OK, it’s a car for its fans,
and its fans will like it. It’s ferocious, but it’s going to feel like
it’s doing too much of the work for you; it’s not going to be rewarding; it’s just going
to feel like a fast appliance.” But that’s not the case. The way the engine sounds — the engine sounds
exotic. For a twin-turbo V6 to sound exotic … they
are piping in some sound into this interior through the speakers to accentuate the engine
note, but if you go through a tunnel and you hear that titanium exhaust reverberate off
the concrete of the tunnel, it sounds pretty true to form, so it’s not like they’re really
embellishing anything. It’s just kind of amplifying what you would
have heard already outside the car, so that’s pretty incredible for, again, for a twin-turbo
V6 to sound so good. So it sounds exotic, and it feels exotic,
and it looks premium inside, and they’ve upgraded it significantly for the 2017 model year,
and I just wasn’t expecting this, and this is really a pleasant surprise, especially
with how solid the chassis feels. I wasn’t expecting that. It feels very Germanic, and as somebody who
likes German cars, this Japanese car is feeling very German, and after having it for a week,
I want one, and I didn’t think I’d be saying that, but I really want one, and I probably
will own one someday, and that’s – that’s about the highest endorsement that I can pay
to any car. So there you have it with the 2017 Nissan
GT-R. So in the spirit of how I began this video,
waking up next to the road, and just going out and immediately driving, I’m going to
continue driving now, until my body will no longer allow it. But they did it, and … I forgot where I
was going with that.


I love the NIssan GTR and I am planning on buying one at some point, but Nissan is just making it harder and harder for people like us ( that are not filthy rich) to get one. From the starting point of when it launched to now, the cars almost double the price. I'm not saying a titanium exhaust isn't nice but I'm pretty sure a lot of people out there can do without it and without the 11 price increase for the 2017 models.

Great work as always! Strongly disagree on bang for buck. See Corvette or R8, or McLaren. $120k on a Nissan is just dumb. $80k and I would agree it is amazing. But $120k could get you a faster accelerating Tesla and seat four. The dated vehicle and bloat in price has made it a less convincing choice each year. The 2009 was a bullet and at $75k it was unmatched. Not so much the case now as an RS7 can almost keep pace with it

This car will never be a Supercar. Why? Not because it is a Nissan or looks very prollish. Not, this car is simpy too HEAVY. Everything above 1500kg will never be a Supercar, or more specifically, a Sports Supercar. Nice Video though 😉

What cant you people understand?? Nissan Gtr is not a supercar,its a sportscar.Get with it

Nissan GT-R – no doubt a great car however this isn't a supercar! Great performance no doubt but will never be a supercar

The Gtr is in my opinion a supercar. Look at the specs compared to the 911 turbo S or the r8 v10 plus. Those cars are almost twice the price but isn't anything to be called a supercar over the Gtr.

Think this is my favourite Gtr Review yet
I'd love to own one one day..I like Lambos etc but the Gtr especially the 2017 is gorgeous…many people have mentioned how great and premium the interior is in the 2017..great daily & fast asf…😍

the music in the background really makes the video more like nice in some way,and the review is so guuuud, SUBSCRIBED 😀

This video is amazing, how you presented it. I really enjoyed watching this video You're right! it's perfect. Nissan is really working hard improving this amazing car and they did a wonderful job to the 2017 R35.

Please keep up the good work. We profiled you in a video of channels car enthusiast should be watching -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfxMtIAia9s&t=97s

As an owner of a Blaze Orange 17, I will say great review of the 17!! I've watched them all. Yours is right up there with Chris Harris/Top Gear.

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