100% Free Trick No VPN Required | Get Free Premium Pubg Crate Coupon | 10th May PUBG Mobile Trick

Hey guys, how are you? Welcome to another video from warrior gaming So your bro is here with another video by which you will get free rewards Also there is a giveaway on the channel, so to take part click on the video in description after watching this one Subscribe if you are new to the channel for getting such awesome updates Do press the bell icon for regular updates and notifications Lets start without further ado With this trick you will get premium crate coupon absolutely free, you do not have to do anything and you will get free crate coupon There is one small task and that is it Here we go in the messages tab and you can see 2 new messages Which say 0.12.5 beta update invitation rewards If you have watched my previous video then you would know i had advised you guys to download that new version soon as possible The ones who have already downloaded must have gotten the crate and must be enjoying the free benefit Few people who did not even download have got this crate, so if you haven’t received it then go and do it right now as you might miss this Download link mentioned in description guys So guys as you can see we got the crate completely free and we literally had to do nothing You can see now i have 4 crates, earlier i had 3 of them So let us try and open these crates and see if we get anything or not Let me just quickly connect through a VPN Now let us do the crate opening now So yeah again my bad luck is working Let me try once again So again nothing Now once again guys They have given us silver fragments, wow, is it a joke Lets open the last one that i have So lets see do we get something now or not So we have got one pair of pants again now I did not get anything good out of this crate but i hope you guys could get something good out of this So guys after getting the crate, open them in a different server, definitely not asia, so try and let me know in the comments I hope you liked the video and learnt something new, if you did then do give us a thumbs up Subscribe to get latest updates and tricks of pubg mobile Do press the bell icon to get notifications on time Your support is my motivation guys, thank you fr watching, see you in the next one


Thanks brother for the video 😘😘
God kara aap ka channel 1 million subscriber ho jaya
And aap trending pa aah jao inshallah ❤️❤️

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