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Welcome, all the audience. Firstly I have to say that I’m not comparing AirAsia’s business class cabin with other airline example like xxx or xxx or xxx there will still have some different but I just want to let you all know that only by paying the price of economy class seat in other airline you can enjoy the business class seat in AirAsia for 4 and a half hour OK. In AirAsia, you directly go into the plane with a special route if you are a business class ticket buyer. And a special check-in counter is provided so you don’t have to queue. Here I have to say that I’m not that kind of rich and I only will go for business class occasionally To prove that I’m not rich, this is the video of last time i’m inside the economy class cabin So this is the video of last time I fly from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur in economy class cabin using NT$4000 do you see that, in witness whereof I keep on adjusting my hair not because of I love beautiful, hater please stop complaint. Because! if you not pretending that you are adjusting your hair or looking to the mirror other passenger will feel weird that why are you holding the phone for a long time ah, I purchase the business class ticket of AirAsia around NT$12000 same like the price of economy class in other airline in addition, business class of AirAsia is not called as business class they call it Premium Flatbed (Lilian is trying to translate Premium Flatbed to chinese here) 1C / Hi Welcome, 1C will be the first ah to the front Thank you~ Okay, we moving forward slowly Here is the Quiet zone, and… here will be the Premium Flatbed, da da da dang~~~ someone is placing his/her luggage, maybe have to wait for awhile and then, normally when I having a flight i will have.. a face without makeup and wearing a mask, wearing a mask is because the temperature on the plane is too cold and too dry it very uncomfortable for my respiratory tract , anyone feel the same? Ok, Premium Flatbed basically look like this, it will have Basic equipment – Red pillow + red blanket(given after the plane took off) have a peek of the people outside now only is the time for the passenger who having economy class to get aboard because there are only few passenger of business class today air hostess will keep away the pillow from the empty seat later Within 10 minutes, I will sit on the seat beside me if the passenger beside me didn’t appear. This is my leg actually because of the guy behind me keep on look at me so I feel embarrassing to keep on record secretly (Woohoo Taking Off~) (See you next time, beautiful Malaysia~) Open the magazine, AirAsia will immediately let you know that their Premium Faltbed provide fully reclinable, recharge your devices, complimentary meal, pillow & blanket and Xcite Inflight entertainment and quiet zone is a place that you pay extra for a more quiet environment I had suffer for a very noisy environment in economy class cabin before and i feel very angry that time so i think there still have different for quiet zone Next, Premium Lounge, basically I always rush for the flight every time so I don’t think i have to waste this kind of money next will be no outside food allowed on board I never follow, thank you Ok, now we waiting for the meal because of, I not really like to eat heavy taste food on the plane so Veggie Delight on the left and Roasted Chicken on the right will be the meal I always order. although I’m on my diet, but because of the economy class is not including the meal so I cannot waste the meal since the business class provided Here you can see the earpiece, mineral water and my diet meal provide by business class And then, this unlike photo’s meal have carrot, broccoli, potato, chicken and cranberry sauce Next, is the tablet provided by business class Actually they don’t have this previously, probably new add on recently Err… the brand of tablet is Huawei Ya, Huawei. Ok fine, Huawei is fine Next you have to choose the language you prefer and fill in some basic information Example like, age, nationality, flight number and email Who will remember the flight number, so you will see me keep on searching it from my passport later It because I can’t find it. You may choose the movie after finish filling the information Actually there are only few categories of movie are available But I remember that the movie provided by other airline are also limited Program errr… wrestling? en….. other programs err… en.. and then… there are quite amount of games and I had played one of the game for almost an hour and.. magazine not interested so you only have to choose a movie to watch while having your meal I had chosen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them oh, do you realize that you can see me on the reflection of the screen? XD Introducing the function of business class seat This board is use to cover you when you do not know the person sit beside you so you can avoid the awkward situation if you can’t look at each other this is pillow(headrest?) you can adjust the angle of the pillow so your head can stay on the place Ok.. before going to sleep, lets look at other function This is a small reading light You can use it when the whole world is dark it has different level of brightness, you can adjust it by yourself since nothing to see outside the window, lets continue with the function of the seat Yes, this is the controller that have all-round adjustment of the seat Choose 1 to sit straight, 2 to lying diagonally and 3 to lie down I must cover all my body when I’m on the plane because it is very cold on the plane and must wear mask The up and down button that you see on the controller interface now is to adjust up and down of the pedal Left and right is controlling the board beside your leg to the front or back Ok, quickly cover it back, I’m freaking cold After adjusting the part of your leg, you can adjust the seatback depends on how low you want The lowest is can lie down flat, like this is too low for me When you really lie down, you will see two button on your right hand side for you to adjust the seatback when you are lying But I more prefer lying diagonally and the angle must allow me to put my leg on the seat So no matter I want to play game or have a sleep, this is the most confortable angle for me Don’t forget! There are a hole beside you You can put whatever you like, but usually I will put mineral water inside it And this table, you have to pull it out when you want to use it after you pull it out, you can push it to the front or the back as you like you also can open it up fully of just half depends on how you gonna use If you want to keep it back, you just have to fold it and push back in pushing front and back, aiya stucked, not sure whether is it stuck because of the blanket or other else this kind of situation will occur sometimes, but you just have to push it to the correct place and then push it in push it in push it in will be fine and socket is provided in business class , you can charge your phone or laptop as you like just plug it in, but it is a Malaysia’s type of socket, so you have to bring adapter still have 2 and a half hour only will reach Taipei I’m still a little bit hungry I must say that I can’t get full when I having AirAsia’s meal En… biscuit and a cup of coffee looks great anything else? ern… instant noodles? but some of it is very expensive, I think coffee will be fine Coffee and biscuit, ok ok ok RM6 for the coffee and RM7 for the biscuit, this is also quite expensive Prepare your Ringgit Malaysia I have to say that, after the huge drop of Malaysia Currency , NT$ to RM is really very usefull Ok, the food was served, is that you get a little disappointed like me Its ok to use a paper cup for the coffee on the plane But what I order is a 3-in-1 coffee and they gave me this. Biscuit err… still acceptable although it not look as good as the photo in the menu. But it almost expire I don’t know whether Is it really going to expire or the shelf duration is really short And I request for the creamer from them because they gave me the wrong coffee So i have to make the black coffee into 3-in-1 coffee by myself So I have to add the creamer and sugar on my own and stir it so it will become a cup of good coffee, lets try it I think… Ern… Not bad It just coffee, the coffee on a plane, how high of the expectation can you have The flavour of the biscuit is caramel salt, err.. Not bad but it is too dry Unconsciously, we have arrive Taipei (Landing on beautiful Taipei) (What a pleasure having you onboard and hope to see you again bla bla bla) Because of the luggage in business class is coming out first, so do not need to wait for a long time Basically my luggage was the first come out It 11PM right now Today’s video of take the plane will be end by here, goodbye everybody~


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這裡留言蛮激烈的,从叙述听起來雖无粤语客语交替其中,但有点潮州話風的聯想,風格自有、不過對有些厘語语音表意還有點敬謝不敏[如果懂的话] // 自由选擇 !



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座位好大耶,獨立座位可以好好享受me time. 等我孩子大了一點可以來坐一下亞航商務倉看看。


我記得上次看機票亞航伯斯往返香港的票經濟艙860AUD, 要在吉隆坡transfer,全程12h+2transfer。


但我個人很愛mate 20 pro


敬請大陸淪陷區人民見諒 謝謝





不要因為有英文字幕就可以亂講台語啦….XD, 這很像 [長輩版] 的旅遊介紹….你C裡家, 啊你是D; D裡家…….


在premium flatbed剛剛推介的時候,很幸運的被抽到了用馬幣150塊升等的座位,從釜山回吉隆坡的航線,和家人四個一起被升等了,那一程睡得超爽!


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