Табак для кальяна ZR Premium // ZR Premium hookah tobacco ENG sub

*bazinga* Hey Hey Hey, hi everyone! I’m Tanya Myata And today we gonna meet with hookah tobacco again We will talk about ZR premium from Kazan, Russia The fortress is middle and little bit higher The smokiness is good I noted the stiffness when smoking this tobacco About price. 100g is about 750 roubles without excise The package is nice: stylish black boxes and usable banks Mmm, bergamot. Delicious Components of the tobacco: Virginia and Burley blend Medium to small tobacco cutting, not very liquid When I worked with tobacco noticed the stiffness of the blend Let’s see flavors There are 20 flavors of ZR premium. I got 8 of them I will say my opinion on each of them I allocated three groups of flavors. First is the best flavors I like them solo and in mixes There are lemon lollipop, wafer and cream strawberries They smell good from the package and smokes fine too The next is the middle group of flavors They smell well and are good in mixes. But I don’t like smoke them solo There are feijoa and bergamot in this group And the last is a group of weak flavors in my opinion I don’t like smoke them and their flavorings are not tasty for me By the way producer noted them as the best There are lychees, prickle and bird cherry I tried different ways to pack bowls with these flavors And different heat regimes You still feel bitterness when you smoke these flavors My results of this tobacco All flavors have bitterness when you smoke them The comfort of smoking doesn’t depend on packing bowls, but on the taste you choose That is, we have good flavors like wafer that hides bitterness You feel the taste when you smoke and the background of a little bitterness And we have flavors that are not so good and it’s not because I do not like them But in the fact that they did not turn out and bitter with smoking For example, lychees, prickle, like i said In the end I think that this tobacco is too expensive. But you should try its the best flavors This is it Don’t forget to click on the bell to be aware of new videos Smoke tasty hookahs Thank for watching, yours Tanya Myata from sunny Gelendzhik *kiss*


Виробники Дізлайк поставили xD сміюсь не можу, штріхі за 750 р табака дали 8 пачек.

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